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Besov-Morrey spaces: Function space theory and applications to non-linear PDE
This paper is devoted to the analysis of function spaces modeled on Besov spaces and their applications to non-linear partial differential equations, with emphasis on the incompressible, isotropicExpand
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Decomposition of Besov-Morrey Spaces
We establish a decomposition of Besov-Morrey spaces in terms of smooth “wavelets” obtained from a Littlewood-Paley partition of unity, or more generally molecules concentrated on dyadic cubes. WeExpand
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Interface and mixed boundary value problems on n-dimensional polyhedral domains
Let � 2 Z+ be arbitrary. We prove a well-posedness result for mixed boundary value/interface problems of second-order, positive, strongly elliptic operators in weighted Sobolev spaces K �() on aExpand
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Exponential self-similar mixing and loss of regularity for continuity equations
We consider the mixing behaviour of the solutions of the continuity equation associated with a divergence-free velocity field. In this announcement we sketch two explicit examples of exponentialExpand
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Optimal mixing and optimal stirring for fixed energy, fixed power, or fixed palenstrophy flows
We consider passive scalar mixing by a prescribed divergence-free velocity vector field in a periodic box and address the following question: Starting from a given initial inhomogeneous distributionExpand
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We study theoretical and practical issues arising in the impl ementation of the Finite Element Method for a strongly elliptic second order equation with jump discontinuities in its coefficients on aExpand
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Well-posedness and Regularity for the Elasticity Equation with Mixed Boundary Conditions on Polyhedral Domains and Domains with Cracks
We prove a regularity result for the anisotropic linear elasticity equation$${P u := {\rm div} \left( \boldmath\mathsf{C} \cdot \nabla u\right) = f}$$ , with mixed (displacement and traction)Expand
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Vanishing viscosity limits and boundary layers for circularly symmetric 2D flows
We continue the work of Lopes Filho, Mazzucato and Nussenzveig Lopes [10] on the vanishing viscosity limit of circularly symmetric viscous flow in a disk with rotating boundary, shown there toExpand
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Exponential self-similar mixing by incompressible flows
We study the problem of the optimal mixing of a passive scalar under the action of an incompressible flow in two space dimensions. The scalar solves the continuity equation with a divergence-freeExpand
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Partial Uniqueness and Obstruction to Uniqueness in Inverse Problems for Anisotropic Elastic Media
We consider the inverse problem of identifying the density and elastic moduli for three-dimensional anisotropic elastic bodies, given displacement and traction measurements made at their surface.Expand
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