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The Debate over the Chronology of the Iron Age in the Southern Levant: Its history, the current situation, and a suggested resolution
Abstract The subject of the Oxford conference—the chronology of the Iron Age of the southern Levant in the 12th–9th centuries BCE in light of current debates and 14 C dating—is of great interest
Radiocarbon Dates from Iron Age Strata at Tel Beth Shean and Tel Rehov
We discuss the significance of 32 radiocarbon dates from the archaeological sites of Tel Beth Shean and Tel Rehov in northern Israel. All dates are from Iron Age I and II archaeological contexts
14C Dates from Tel Rehov: Iron-Age Chronology, Pharaohs, and Hebrew Kings
Stratified radiocarbon dates provide an independent chronological link between archaeological layers and historical data. The invasion by Pharaoh Shoshenq I (Shishak) is a key historical synchronism,
Iron Age chronology : A reply to I. Finkelstein
Abstract This paper contests I. Finkelstein's proposed low chronology for the mid-twelfth to mid-eighth centuries BCE. Though indeed there are few, if any, chronological ‘anchors’ during this period,
A Response to Finkelstein and Piasetzky'S Criticism and “New Perspective”
The following short paper is a response to criticism by Finkelstein and Piasetzky (2010b), published in the present issue of Radiocarbon, of our 2008 paper in Radiocarbon concerning the evaluation of
Response to Comment on “14C Dates from Tel Rehov: Iron-Age Chronology, Pharaohs, and Hebrew Kings”
The results suggest a revised Iron-Age chronology, date an archaeological stratum to Shoshenq's campaign, indicate the similarity of "Solomonic" and "Omride" pottery, and provide correlation with Greece and Cyprus.
Tel Beth Shean During the EB IB Period: Evidence for Social Complexity in the Late 4th Millennium BC
Abstract The Early Bronze I (henceforth EB I) is a formative era in the Southern Levant. Modern research has thrown light on many aspects of this period: its long duration, its spatial and temporal