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Dissolution of Trapped Nonaqueous Phase Liquids: Mass Transfer Characteristics
Many groundwater contamination incidents begin with the release of an essentially immiscible fluid into the subsurface environment. Once in the subsurface, an immiscible fluid participates in aExpand
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The influence of porous medium characteristics and measurement scale on pore-scale distributions of residual nonaqueous-phase liquids
Abstract A series of experiments was performed to characterize the morphologic distribution of nonaqueous-phase liquids (NAPL's) at residual saturation, as a function of porous medium size.Expand
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The influence of mass transfer characteristics and porous media heterogeneity on nonaqueous phase dissolution
A two-dimensional multiphase flow and species transport model was developed and applied to the case of nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) emplacement and dissolution in both homogeneous and heterogeneousExpand
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Multi-objective optimal design of groundwater remediation systems: application of the niched Pareto genetic algorithm (NPGA)
Abstract A multiobjective optimization algorithm is applied to a groundwater quality management problem involving remediation by pump-and-treat (PAT). The multiobjective optimization framework usesExpand
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Optimal design for problems involving flow and transport phenomena in saturated subsurface systems
We review the state of the art, assess important challenges that must be resolved to reach a mature level of understanding, and summarize some promising approaches that might help meet the challenges. Expand
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Stochastic management of pump-and-treat strategies using surrogate functions
Typical pump-and-treat (PAT) optimization problems involve design of pumping schemes, while minimizing cost and meeting a set of constraints. Due to scarcity of information about the hydrogeologicalExpand
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Estimation of fault-zone conductance by calibration of a regional groundwater flow model: Desert Hot Springs, California
The hydraulic conductance of a large fault zone has been estimated by calibrating a regional groundwater flow model. Drops in groundwater elevations of over 80 m have been observed along a 15-kmExpand
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Economic valuation of environmental services sustained by water flows in the Yaqui River Delta
We attempted to estimate the economic value of environmental services provided by restored instream flows in the water-scarce Yaqui River Delta in Mexico. The Yaqui River begins near the U.S.-MexicoExpand
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Managing the wicked problem of transdisciplinary team formation in socio-ecological systems
Abstract Transdisciplinary teams are called upon to research and resolve problems associated with socio-ecological systems, which are notoriously wicked. We propose that the formation of these teamsExpand
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The effects of surfactant formulation on nonequilibrium NAPL solubilization.
Surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR) involves the injection of surfactant solutions into aquifers contaminated with nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPL). Batch and column experiments were usedExpand
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