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The Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm 2 Applied to the Design of Groundwater Remediation Systems
We present an evolutionary approach to a difficult, multiobjective problem in groundwater quality management: how to pump-and-treat contaminated groundwater to remove the most contaminant at the least cost. Expand
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Psychosocial implications of unconventional natural gas development: Quality of life in Ohio's Guernsey and Noble Counties
Abstract As unconventional natural gas development (UNGD) activities such as “fracking” have proliferated across the U.S., research has begun to examine their impacts on human life. Much scholarshipExpand
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Team Building in Multidisciplinary Client-Sponsored Project Courses
This article describes the evolution and results of collaborations among three courses about user interface design and implementation, an undergraduate Scientific and Technical Communication (STC) course about usability and instructions writing, and a graduate CS/Human Factors course about user-interface evaluation and usability testing. Expand
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How medical doctors and students should use Social Media: a review of the main guidelines for proposing practical recommendations.
Social Media has grown exponentially and in the last few years there has been an increasing use amongst medical doctors and students. There is intense debate about the complexities of ensuringExpand
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A Serious Game for Medical-Based Cultural Competence Education and Training
We present a novel multi-player serious game for cultural sensitivity competence training aimed at healthcare providers and trainees. Expand
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Development of Fireground Exposure Simulator (FES) Prop for PPE Testing and Evaluation
A low cost, easily replicable approach for simulating conditions commonly encountered by firefighters operating on the interior of a residential structure fire. Expand
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Spatiotemporal Dimensions of Water Stress Accounting: Incorporating Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions and Ecological Thresholds.
Coarse temporal (i.e., annual) and spatial (i.e., watershed) scales camouflage water stress associated with withdrawals from surface water and groundwater sources. To address this "curse of scale",Expand
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Descriptive African American Representation Across the American States
This paper raises the question of how stochastic factors might influence the levels of descriptive African American representation across the American states. Through a simulation approach weExpand
Water fluxes and balance in a toposequence of rice paddies in Northern Italy