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Mesoproterozoic Sm–Nd and U–Pb ages for the Kunene Anorthosite Complex of SW Angola
Abstract The Kunene Complex (KC) of SW Angola, covering an area of 15,000 km2, is one of the largest anorthosite bodies in the world. Although considered by several authors as a layered complex,Expand
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Monitoring the saltwater intrusion by time lapse electrical resistivity tomography: The Chioggia test site (Venice Lagoon, Italy)
Abstract A novel experiment of time lapse electrical resistivity tomography (TL-ERT) aimed at monitoring the dynamics of the saltwater intrusion in the coastland bounding the southern Venice LagoonExpand
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Chemical evolution of a large mafic intrusion in the lower crust, Ivrea‐Verbano Zone, northern Italy
The Ivrea-Verbano and adjacent Strona-Ceneri zones have been described collectively as a section through the continental crust. While resident in the lower crust, amphibolite to granulite-faciesExpand
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Emplacement of mantle peridotite in the lower continental crust, Ivrea-Verbano zone, northwest Italy
The Ivrea-Verbano zone has been cited repeatedly as an exposed pre-Alpine crust-mantle transition on the basis, in part, of the presence of lenses of mantle peridotite and a possible petrologic Moho.Expand
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Isotopic and geochemical characterization of salinization in the shallow aquifers of a reclaimed subsiding zone: The southern Venice Lagoon coastland
Summary The coastal plain bordering the southern Venice Lagoon is a reclaimed lowland characterized by high subsidence rate, and ground level and water-table depth below sea level. In thisExpand
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Geologic map of the Southern Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Northwestern Italy
s, pt. 1, p. 23-25. Williams, I.S., and Claesson, S., 1987, Isotopic evidence for the Precambrian provenance and Caledonian metamorphism of high grade paragneisses from the Seve Nappes, ScandinavianExpand
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Emplacement dynamics of a large mafic intrusion in the lower crust, Ivrea‐Verbano Zone, northern Italy
The Ivrea-Verbano Zone of northern Italy provides an opportunity to study directly the effects of intrusion of large volumes of mantle-derived melts into the lower continental crust. Alpine upliftExpand
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An assessment of karstic submarine groundwater and associated nutrient discharge to a Mediterranean coastal area (Balearic Islands, Spain) using radium isotopes
Short and long-lived radium isotopes (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra) were used to quantify submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and its associated input of inorganic nitrogen (NO3−), phosphorus (PO43−)Expand
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Tritium in river waters from French Mediterranean catchments: Background levels and variability.
Tritium background levels in various environmental compartments are deeply needed in particular to assess radiological impact, especially in river systems where most of releases from nuclearExpand
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Combining radon, short-lived radium isotopes and hydrodynamic modeling to assess submarine groundwater discharge from an anthropized semiarid watershed to a Mediterranean lagoon (Mar Menor, SE Spain)
Summary In highly anthropized watersheds, surface water tributaries may carry unexpected high quantities of radon and radium to coastal lagoons. Investigating submarine groundwater discharge (SGD)Expand
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