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Congruency of Scent and Music As a Driver of In-Store Evaluations and Behavior
Abstract Retailers have long understood the importance of store environment in enhancing the shopping experience, and past research has examined the main effects of many pleasant ambient stimuli suchExpand
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The effectiveness of service recovery in a multi‐industry setting
In today’s hyper‐competitive business environment, repeat customers are vital for success. Service failures, however, have the potential to destroy customer loyalty. In this study, we wanted toExpand
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Is “service with a smile” enough? Authenticity of positive displays during service encounters
Abstract Service providers use impression management strategies to engender satisfaction and repeat business in customers. Managing emotional expressions is one strategy to meet those goals. WeExpand
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The Role of Culture in the Service Evaluation Process
This research examined the impact of culture on customer evaluations of complex services. The goal was to underStand the trade-offs that Western and Asian customers are willing to make betweenExpand
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Consumer responses to compensation, speed of recovery and apology after a service failure
This experimental study examined how the three dimensions of fairness (distributive, procedural and interactional) influence consumers' attributional processes, their post‐recovery satisfaction andExpand
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How Affective Commitment Boosts Guest Loyalty (and Promotes Frequent-guest Programs)
Customer loyalty is the key to success in today’s commoditized hotel industry. To that end, many hotel companies offer frequent-guest programs. The reward programs are not enough to induce loyalty,Expand
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The role of affective factors on perceived cruise vacation value
Abstract In this study, we expanded the perceived value literature by demonstrating the role of selected affective factors (i.e., hedonics, control and novelty) on value in the context of cruiseExpand
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Emotional Bonding and Restaurant Loyalty
Abstract There's a big difference between a loyal customer and a frequent one, and the shrewd operator will figure out how to earn and sustain guests' loyalty.
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The role of culture and purchase motivation in service encounter evaluations
This study was developed to shed some light on the role of culture and purchase motivation in influencing consumers’ evaluations of services. More specifically, the goal was to contrast Asian andExpand
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Binge drinking and casual sex on spring break
College students‘ health-risk behaviors on spring break were examined via pre-and post-surveys. Over one-half reported getting drunk on the previous vacation and stated intentions to do so again.Expand
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