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Current Advance Method and Cyclic Leapfrog for 2D Multispecies Hybrid Plasma Simulations
CAM-CL (current advance method and cyclic leapfrog) is a new algorithm for hybrid plasma simulations. In common with existing methods, its physical basis is a "hybrid" plasma model which treats theExpand
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Influence of the solar EUV flux on the Martian plasma environment
Abstract. The interaction of the solar wind with the Martian atmosphere and ionosphere is investigated by using three-dimensional, global and multi-species hybrid simulations. In the present work weExpand
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Fitting the HIV Epidemic in Zambia: A Two-Sex Micro-Simulation Model
Background In describing and understanding how the HIV epidemic spreads in African countries, previous studies have not taken into account the detailed periods at risk. This study is based on aExpand
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A dynamic model of the marriage market-part 1: matching algorithm based on age preference and availability.
The matching algorithm in a dynamic marriage market model is described in this first of two companion papers. Iterative Proportional Fitting is used to find a marriage function (an age distributionExpand
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Plasma environment in the wake of Titan from hybrid simulation: A case study
On 26 December 2005, the Cassini spacecraft flew through Titan's plasma wake and revealed a complex and dynamic region. Observations suggest a strong asymmetry which seems to be displaced from theExpand
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Modelling HIV and MTB Co-Infection Including Combined Treatment Strategies
A new host-pathogen model is described that simulates HIV-MTB co-infection and treatment, with the objective of testing treatment strategies. The model includes CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, resting andExpand
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Computational modelling of the impact of AIDS on business
Objectives:An overview of computational modelling of the impact of AIDS on business in South Africa, with a detailed description of the AIDS Projection Model (APM) for companies, developed by theExpand
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South African universities in world rankings
South Africa has 23 universities, of which five are placed in one or more of the 2011 Shanghai Jiao Tong, Times Higher Education, and Quacquarelli Symonds world university rankings. The five are:Expand
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