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A Dataset to Support Research in the Design of Secure Water Treatment Systems
A dataset to support research in the design of secure Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), implemented on a six-stage Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) testbed that contains attacks that were created and generated by the research team.
This report describes the mutant operators designed for the proposed ANSI C programming language and intends this report to serve as a manual for the C mutant operators for researchers in software testing.
A Survey of Malware Detection Techniques
This paper presents a meta-modelling system that automates and automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive and expensive process of manually cataloging and annotating Malware.
Foundations of Software Testing
Students, practitioners, and researchers will find this book an excellent source of simple to advanced techniques to use and improve their knowledge of and expertise in software testing.
On the estimation of reliability of a software system using reliabilities of its components
An experiment to evaluate a method, known as component based reliability estimation (CBRE), for the estimation of reliability of a software system using reliabilities of its components suggests that CBRE yields reasonably accurate results at an efficient rate.
Interface Mutation: An Approach for Integration Testing
Comparing the error revealing effectiveness of these Interface Mutation-based test sets with same size randomly generated test sets, it is observed that in most cases Interface Mutations based test sets are superior.
Performance, effectiveness, and reliability issues in software testing
  • A. Mathur
  • Engineering
    [] Proceedings The Fifteenth Annual International…
  • 11 September 1991
The author has identified two problems that need to be overcome in order that some of the powerful testing techniques be used in practice: performance and effectiveness. The testing methods referred
SWaT: a water treatment testbed for research and training on ICS security
The experience with the SWaT testbed indicates its value in conducting research in an active and realistic environment, but also points to design limitations that make it difficult for system identification and attack detection in some experiments.
Effect of Test Set Minimization on Fault Detection Effectiveness
An empirical study using the block and all-uses criteria as the coverage measures to address the issue of whether the size of T or the coverage of T on P determines the fault detection effectiveness of T for P.