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Regulation of the soybean-Rhizobium nodule symbiosis by shoot and root factors.
The availability of soybean mutants with altered symbiotic properties allowed an investigation of the shoot or root control of the relevant phenotype. By means of grafts between these mutants andExpand
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Effect of extracellular calcium on survival of human proximal tubular cells exposed to hypoxia.
Removal of extracellular calcium has been demonstrated to improve membrane integrity of rodent myocytes, astrocytes, and renal tubular cells injured by hypoxia. In this study, the effect ofExpand
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A simple luciferase assay to measure ATP levels in small numbers of cells using a fluorescent plate reader
Dear Editor: Assessment of cellular ATP content is a critical measure in many types of experiments, especially in those involving hypoxic, metabolic, or cytotoxic injury of cells (1,2,9,11,13,14).Expand
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Discovery of new class of methoxy carrying isoxazole derivatives as COX-II inhibitors: Investigation of a detailed molecular dynamics study
Abstract Two novel isoxazole derivatives were synthesized and characterized by NMR and single crystal X-ray crystallography techniques. The methoxy and dimethoxy functionalized variants of isoxazoleExpand
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Simple methods to synthesize 2-pyridones: reactions of 2-aroyl-3,3-bis(alkylsulfanyl)acrylaldehydes and cyanoacetamide
5-Aroyl-6-(methylsulfanyl)-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3-pyridinecarbonitriles and 5-aroyl-4-(methylsulfanyl)-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3-pyridinecarbonitriles are synthesized effectively by the reaction ofExpand
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A Facile Method for the Synthesis of Oxoketene-N,S- and -N,N-acetals from Reactions of Amino Compounds
2-Aroyl-3,3-bis(alkylsulfanyl)acrylaldehydes reacted with various primary amines, namely, o-phenylenediamine, ethylenediamine, and anilines to produce functionalized oxoketene-N,S-acetals andExpand
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Probing mechanism of α-formylketene dithioacetal towards the facile formation of functionalized pyrimidines: A structural approach
Abstract α-Formylketene dithioacetal is an active precursor for the synthesis of a variety of organic compounds including pyrimidines and its functionalized materials. The present study deals withExpand
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In Silico Quantum Chemical and Crystallographic Treatment of α-Formylketene Dithioacetal towards the Elucidation of Its Structural and Optical Nature
α-Formylketene dithioacetal is a vital precursor for the synthesis of a number of heterocyclic compounds including isoxazoles, pyrimidines, naphthyridines, pyridones, nicotinonitriles and itsExpand
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Structural and optical profile of a multifunctionalized 2-pyridone derivative in a crystal engineering perspective.
The supramolecular structural features of organic molecules are very important with regard to their widespread properties in both solids and solutions. Herein, we describe the synthesis of a novelExpand
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Synthesis of Novel Pyrimidine Derivatives having Florescent Properties
The synthesis of novel pyrimidine derivatives have been reported from α-formylketene dithioacetals using guanidine followed by Knoevenagel condensation with malononitrile. Fluorescent study of theExpand