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Dementia lacking distinctive histologie features
From a series of 460 dementia patients referred to a regional brain bank, 14 (3%) patients had a pathologic diagnosis of primary degeneration of the brain involving multiple sites (frontoparietalExpand
An Unusual Degenerative Disorder of Neurons Associated with a Novel Intranuclear Hyaline Inclusion (Neuronal Intranuclear Hyaline Inclusion Disease): A Clinicopathological Study of a Case
A 21-year-old woman with an unusual, progressive, degenerative neurological disorder is described. The disorder is characterized clinically by behavioral abnormality, peculiar involuntary movements,Expand
Radiation therapy of a choroid plexus papilloma of the cerebellopontine angle with bone involvement. Case report.
A case is reported of cerebellopontine angle choroid plexus papilloma with overlying bone destruction. Its favourable response to radiation therapy following subtotal excision is described.
HIV infection of choroid plexus in AIDS and asymptomatic HIV-infected patients suggests that the choroid plexus may be a reservoir of productive infection.
The choroid plexus (CPx) may be an important site of viral dissemination since monocytes and dendritic cells in its stroma are infected with HIV in AIDS patients and since the ratio of CPx to brainExpand
Dementia of the Alzheimer type. Clinical genetics, natural history, and associated conditions.
Relatives of 125 probands, who had dementia of the Alzheimer type as proved by autopsy, were subjects of a genetic investigation. The relatives exhibited an excess of dementing illness consistentExpand
Aluminum levels in brain in Alzheimer's disease.
In both human Alzheimer's disease and aluminum encephalopathy of animals, changes are observed in neurofibrillary structures. We have found that brains from Alzheimer patients contain approximatelyExpand
Rhabdomyomas of heart: a report of four cases.
Four cases of cardiac rhabdomyomas were seen at the University of Minnesota Hospitals in a two-year span (1971 through 1973). All cases were associated with tuberous sclerosis. Three of the patientsExpand
Posttraumatic cerebral hemispheric disconnection syndrome.
Gross and microscopic lesions of the corpus callosum and neighboring structures are common in severe closed head injury. This report is the first, to our knowledge, to confirm neuropathologically theExpand
Dural venous sinus thrombosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Three children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia developed sagittal sinus thrombosis. One patient was in peripheral remission. One patient survived. In neither patient who died were the walls of theExpand
The Coexistence and Differentiation of Late Onset Huntington's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
The case report presented is clinically compatible with late onset HD. The diagnosis was initially obscured by a lack of family history due to the early death of both parents and siblings. TheExpand