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An Improved Architecture for Two-Element Biomimetic Antenna Arrays
  • A. Masoumi, N. Behdad
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 10 September 2013
A new architecture is presented for two-element biomimetic antenna arrays (BMAAs) that mimic the sense of directional hearing of the parasitoid fly Ormia Ochracea. Expand
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Biomimetic Antenna Arrays Based on the Directional Hearing Mechanism of the Parasitoid Fly Ormia Ochracea
We present a thorough examination of two-element antenna arrays that mimic the sense of directional hearing of the parasitoid fly Ormia Ochracea and examine the design tradeoffs of such arrays. Expand
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A Two-Element Biomimetic Antenna Array With Enhanced Angular Resolution and Optimized Power Extraction
A new architecture for a two element biomimetic antenna array (BMAA) is presented. This two-element BMAA is in the form of a coupled antenna array with an external coupling network that is designedExpand
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Architecture, Design, and Nonlinear Optimization of Three-Element Biomimetic Antenna Arrays
The architecture, design, and nonlinear optimization process of a three-element biomimetic antenna array (BMAA) are presented and discussed. The array is composed of three λ/4 monopoles with λ/20Expand
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Characterization of aerosol optical properties using multiple clustering techniques over Zanjan, Iran, during 2010-2013.
Discrimination of aerosol types is very important, because different aerosols are created from diverse sources having different chemical, physical, and optical properties. In the present study, weExpand
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On the design and optimization of biomimetic electrically small antenna arrays
Many small animals and insects possess acute directional hearing capabilities and are able to localize sound sources of interest with an astonishing degree of precision. The auditory systems of suchExpand
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Non-foster techniques for designing broadband electrically-small antennas and biomimetic antenna arrays
Summary form only given: The input impedance of a typical electrically small antenna has a small resistive and a large frequency-varying reactive component. Therefore, conventional matchingExpand
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Coupled antenna arrays with enhanced angular resolutions
Summary form only given. Biologically-inspired antenna arrays that mimic the hyperacute hearing characteristics of the parasitoid fly Ormia Ochracea have been recently reported. These biomimeticExpand