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OpenSolver - An Open Source Add-in to Solve Linear and Integer Progammes in Excel
OpenSolver is an open source Excel add-in that allows spreadsheet users to solve their LP/IP models using the COIN-OR CBC solver, and OpenSolver provides novel model construction and on-sheet visualisation capabilities.
Minimizing flow time on a single machine with job classes and setup times
It is shown that an algorithm presented in the literature for solving a special case of this problem gives suboptimal solutions, and a number of properties of the optimal solution are derived, and their use in algorithms is evaluated.
Integrated Simulation, Heuristic and Optimisation Approaches to Staff Scheduling
This paper details a new simulation and optimisation based system for personnel scheduling (rostering) of customs staff at the Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, and charts the development of this system, outlines failures where they have occurred, and summarises the ongoing impacts of this work on the organisation.
Ambulance Service Planning: Simulation and Data Visualisation
This chapter discusses a simulation and analysis software tool ‘BartSim’ that was developed as a decision support tool for use within the St. John Ambulance Service (Auckland Region) in New Zealand (St. Johns).
Base station placement in indoor wireless systems using binary integer programming
The placement of base stations is an important issue in planning wireless systems because it can have a significant influence on the overall system performance. In this paper, we propose a novel
A Nested Column Generator for solving Rostering Problems with Integer Programming
A nested column generation approach for rostering problems in which the arc weights in a master shortest path problem are calculated by solving a second set of shortest path problems.
Simulation and Real-Time Optimised Relocation for Improving Ambulance Operations
A new real-time ambulance re-positioning optimisation model and associated software now being used by ambulance operators in several countries to improve their operations are described.
Rostering by iterating integer programming and simulation
  • S. Henderson, A. Mason
  • Computer Science
    Winter Simulation Conference. Proceedings (Cat…
  • 1 December 1998
A new technique for solving rostering problems in the presence of service uncertainty using RIIPS, which allows great complexity of the stochastic system being rostered but comes at a price, as the approach can be extremely computationally intensive.