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Evaluation of Water Quality Environment in Eutrophic Reservoirs using an Ecosystem Model
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Optimal Tempo for Groove: Its Relation to Directions of Body Movement and Japanese nori
The tendency for groove-based music to induce body movements has been linked to multiple acoustical factors. However, it is unclear how or whether tempo affects groove, although tempo significantlyExpand
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Predicting perceived sharpness of broadband noise from multiple moments of the specific loudness distribution
Equal sharpness contours for broadband noise were generated through matches made between a standard reference noise and comparison noise stimuli varying in spectral envelope. Based upon the resultsExpand
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Effect of plastic-film mulching on leaching of nitrate nitrogen in an upland field converted from paddy
A lysimeter experiment was conducted to examine the effects of plastic film mulching on the leaching rate of nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) from chemical fertilizer that was applied to an upland field thatExpand
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