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Improved patch-clamp techniques for high-resolution current recording from cells and cell-free membrane patches
Abstract1.The extracellular patch clamp method, which first allowed the detection of single channel currents in biological membranes, has been further refined to enable higher current resolution,Expand
Muscarinic activation of ionic currents measured by a new whole-cell recording method
  • R. Horn, A. Marty
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of general physiology
  • 1 August 1988
Nystatin, applied extracellularly, is shown to cause a rapid and reversible increase of membrane conductance to cations, and dose-response curves for the effect of ACh on Ca-activated K currents are obtained. Expand
Discrete changes of cell membrane capacitance observed under conditions of enhanced secretion in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.
  • E. Neher, A. Marty
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 November 1982
The size distribution of step-like capacitance changes is well compatible with the idea that steps of capacitance increase reflect individual events of exocytosis of chromaffin granules, whereas steps of the opposite polarity reflect the formation of vesicles or vacuoles by endocytotic processes. Expand
Calcium entry increases the sensitivity of cerebellar Purkinje cells to applied GABA and decreases inhibitory synaptic currents
A Ca2+ rise increases the sensitivity of Purkinje cells to GABA and induces a retrograde inhibition of presynaptic terminals, the latter effect may be due to a diffusible Ca2(+)-dependent messenger. Expand
Presynaptic calcium stores underlie large-amplitude miniature IPSCs and spontaneous calcium transients
The data suggest that large mIPSCs are multivesicular events regulated by Ca2+ release from ryanodine-sensitive presynapticCa2+ stores. Expand
Synaptic‐ and agonist‐induced excitatory currents of Purkinje cells in rat cerebellar slices.
Analysis of synaptic currents in terms of this model suggested that the recorded time course of decay was approximately correct, as well as the quality of the voltage clamp. Expand
Sodium and calcium channels in bovine chromaffin cells
Inward currents in chromaffin cells were studied with the patch‐clamp technique and current recordings were obtained in cell‐attached, outside‐out and whole‐cell recording configurations. Expand
Prolonged presence of glutamate during excitatory synaptic transmission to cerebellar Purkinje cells
It is concluded that the slow EPSC decay results from the continued presence of transmitter glutamate, and may be due to retarded transmitter diffusion around spines or to cross-talk between neighboring active synapses. Expand
Presynaptic Effects of NMDA in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells and Interneurons
It is concluded that activation of NMDARs in interneurons exerts complex presynaptic effects, and that the corresponding receptors are most likely located in the axonal domain of the cell. Expand
Tight-Seal Whole-Cell Recording
Although patch pipettes were originally developed for the recording of single channels, they can be of great advantage for more conventional recordings from whole cells, particularly when the cellsExpand