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Prp43 Is an Essential RNA-dependent ATPase Required for Release of Lariat-Intron from the Spliceosome*
The essential Saccharomyces cerevisiae PRP43 gene encodes a 767-amino acid protein of the DEXH-box family. Prp43 has been implicated in spliceosome disassembly (Arenas, J. E., and Abelson, J. N.Expand
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Population-scale analysis of human microsatellites reveals novel sources of exonic variation.
Using our microsatellite specific genotyping method, we analyzed tandem repeats, which are known to be highly variable with some recognized as biomarkers causative of disease, in over 500 individualsExpand
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Determination of Uronic Acids in Cellulosic Materials
Naturally-occurring cellulosic fibres appear to be a more or less intimate association of cellulose with other constituents, generally referred to as incrusting substances. A portion of theseExpand
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