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Interpersonal Relationships, Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement: Yields for Theory, Current Issues, and Educational Practice
In this review, we scope the role of interpersonal relationships in students’ academic motivation, engagement, and achievement. We argue that achievement motivation theory, current issues, andExpand
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Academic buoyancy: Towards an understanding of students' everyday academic resilience.
Academic buoyancy is developed as a construct reflecting everyday academic resilience within a positive psychology context and is defined as students' ability to successfully deal with academicExpand
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Academic resilience and its psychological and educational correlates: A construct validity approach
This study examines educational and psychological correlates of academic resilience using within-network and between-network validity approaches. Based on a sample of 402 Australian high-schoolExpand
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Motivation and Engagement Across the Academic Life Span
From a developmental construct validity perspective, this study examines motivation and engagement across elementary school, high school, and university/college, with particular focus on theExpand
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Academic self-concept and academic achievement: relations and causal ordering.
  • H. Marsh, A. Martin
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The British journal of educational psychology
  • 1 March 2011
BACKGROUND. A positive self-concept is valued as a desirable outcome in many disciplines of psychology as well as an important mediator to other outcomes. AIMS. The present review examines supportExpand
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Introducing a short version of the physical self description questionnaire: new strategies, short-form evaluative criteria, and applications of factor analyses.
Based on the Physical Self Description Questionnaire (PSDQ) normative archive (n = 1,607 Australian adolescents), 40 of 70 items were selected to construct a new short form (PSDQ-S). The PSDQ-S wasExpand
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Motivation and Academic Resilience: Developing a Model for Student Enhancement
This paper explores a model of motivation and introduces the concept of academic resilience. Although motivation is critical to academic success, academic gains that students make can be lost if theyExpand
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Long and short measures of flow: the construct validity of the FSS-2, DFS-2, and new brief counterparts.
Long and short flow scales are examined from dispositional (n=652 long; n=692 short) and state (n=499 long; n=865 short) perspectives. The long flow scales constitute a 36-item multidimensionalExpand
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Enhancing student motivation and engagement: The effects of a multidimensional intervention ☆
Abstract The present study sought to investigate the effects of a multidimensional educational intervention on high school students’ motivation and engagement. The intervention incorporated: (a)Expand
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Brief approaches to assessing task absorption and enhanced subjective experience: Examining ‘short’ and ‘core’ flow in diverse performance domains
The overarching aim of the present study is to expand current approaches to assessing task absorption and subjective experience by assessing two brief measures of flow: (1) ‘short’ flow, reflectingExpand
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