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Two Decades of Terror Management Theory: A Meta-Analysis of Mortality Salience Research
A meta-analysis was conducted on empirical trials investigating the mortality salience (MS) hypothesis of terror management theory (TMT). TMT postulates that investment in cultural worldviews andExpand
A function of form: terror management and structuring the social world.
Drawing on lay epistemology theory, the authors assessed a terror management analysis of the psychological function of structuring social information. Seven studies tested variations of theExpand
Combating stereotype threat: The effect of self-affirmation on women's intellectual performance.
Abstract The present studies were designed to investigate the effects of self-affirmation on the performance of women under stereotype threat. In Study 1, women performed worse on a difficult mathExpand
Windows into nothingness: terror management, meaninglessness, and negative reactions to modern art.
Why do people dislike art that they find meaningless? According to terror management theory, maintaining a basic meaningful view of reality is a key prerequisite for managing concerns aboutExpand
Focus theory of normative conduct and terror-management theory: the interactive impact of mortality salience and norm salience on social judgment.
Research on terror-management theory has shown that after mortality salience (MS) people attempt to live up to cultural values. But cultures often value very different and sometimes evenExpand
Knowing Is Half the Battle
We tested whether informing women about stereotype threat is a useful intervention to improve their performance in a threatening testing situation. Men and women completed difficult math problemsExpand
Self-Affirmation and Mortality Salience: Affirming Values Reduces Worldview Defense and Death-Thought Accessibility
To the extent that cultural worldviews provide meaning in the face of existential concerns, specifically the inevitability of death, affirming a valued aspect of one’s worldview should renderExpand
Ageism and Death: Effects of Mortality Salience and Perceived Similarity to Elders on Reactions to Elderly People
The present research investigated the hypotheses that elderly people can be reminders of our mortality and that concerns about our own mortality can therefore instigate ageism. In Study 1,Expand
Personality diagnoses in adolescence: DSM-IV axis II diagnoses and an empirically derived alternative.
OBJECTIVE The study of personality pathology in adolescence is in its infancy. This article examined the applicability and limits of DSM-IV axis II personality disorder diagnoses in adolescents,Expand
Psychological Defense in Anticipation of Anxiety
A large body of research has shown that when people are reminded of their mortality, their defense of their cultural worldview intensifies. Although some psychological defenses seem to be instigatedExpand