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The ecology of ectoparasitic insects.
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The Ecology of Neotropical Savannas.
1. The Problem of the Tropical Savanna What Is a Tropical Savanna? Need to Explain the Existence of Savannas 2. The Architecture of the Savanna Vertical Structure Horizontal Structure 3. The SeasonalExpand
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The sex ratio in ectoparasitic insects
Abstract. 1. The sex ratio in 379 collections, each consisting of more than 100 individuals, of 250 different species of ectoparasite belonging to seven orders of insects is recorded. The data areExpand
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Old World phytophagous bats (Megachiroptera) and their food plants: a survey
The Megachiroptera, with a single family, 43 genera and 174 species, are confined to the Old World tropics and subtropics where they are exclusively phytophagous, feeding upon floral resourcesExpand
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Ecology of Insects Ectoparasitic on Bats
About 6000 species of insects belonging to seven orders are known to be external parasites as adults of warm-blooded vertebrates. Of these, 687 described species of four orders are known toExpand
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Bats, flowers and fruit: evolutionary relationships in the Old World
Old World phytophagous bats (Megachiroptera: Pteropodidae) number 173 species of which 79% are Asian and 21% African. Bats arose, presumably monophyletically, in the early Tertiary, theExpand
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Keystone Characteristics of Bird-Dispersed Ficus in a Malaysian Lowland Rain Forest
The fruiting of 307 Ficus trees in 74 ha of lowland forest at Kuala Lompat, Malaysia, was monitored monthly for 3 years. The guild of twenty-nine species of bird-dispersed Ficus exhibitedExpand
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The life cycle of Basilia hispida Theodor 1967 (Diptera: Nycteribiidae) in Malaysia *
Basilia hispida is the only insect parasite of the flat-headed bats Tylonycteris pachypus and T. robustula in Selangor, Malaysia where this study was conducted between September 1966 and August 1968.Expand
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The Ecology of Basilia hispida (Diptera:Nycteribiidae) in Malaysia
Basilia hispida Theodor, 1967 is the sole insectan ectoparasite of the flat-headed bats Tylonycteris pachypus (Temminck) and T. robustula Thomas (Microchiroptera, Vespertilionidae); these bats areExpand
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