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Nasal cocaine abuse and centrofacial destructive process: report of three cases including treatment.
We report 3 new cases of a centrofacial destructive process associated with chronic nasal abuse of cocaine. This complex first described in 1988 is a rare entity involving sinonasal tract necrosisExpand
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Clear cell ameloblastoma or odontogenic carcinoma. A case report.
An ameloblastoma of the right maxilla with a biphasic pattern of folicular ameloblastoma and clear cells, with an aggressive clinical behaviour in a 71-year-old male is reported. A literature reviewExpand
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An epidemiologic study of mandibular dysfunction dependence on different variables.
Age and sex characteristics of different signs and symptoms of mandibular dysfunction were studied in 600 randomly selected urban persons. With regard to mandibular mobility marked differences wereExpand
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Survival evaluation of treatment modality in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and oropharynx.
The treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth and oropharynx continues to change. In this primary report, we compared the results obtained by combined surgery and radiation therapy, or eitherExpand
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Inhibition of microflora associated with oral malignancy.
Changes in the microflora on oral carcinoma surfaces may lead to both local and systemic infections, which may complicate the morbidity of the patient suffering from oral malignant neoplasms. Thus,Expand
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Induction of callus through anther and ovule culture in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.).
Three cotton genoytypes Reshmi, Rehmani and TH-3/83 were studied for callus induction under two concentrations (3 mg/l and 4 mg/l) in four auxins viz. 2,4-D, IAA, IBA and Kinetin. Immature ovules andExpand
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[A new clamp for the anchoring of partial removable prostheses].
The proposed clasp corresponds to two Ney type I clasps acting on one tooth. The two vestibular lower arms are overlapping. The clasp is applied to a cylindrical crown (like a inner telescope) or toExpand
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[Rehabilitation of patients with head and neck tumors, with special attention to psychotherapy].
Few people are more severely handicapped than patient with facial deformities. The face forms a centre point of attention in human relationships with particular emphasis placed on cosmeticExpand
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[The palatogingival groove].
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[Caries, gingivitis and dental abnormalities in patients with cleft lip and palate].
Oral health was studied in 31 children aged 10-12 years with cleft lip and palate and compared to 31 noncleft controls matched for sex and age. We found a difference in the prevalence and activity ofExpand
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