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Investigation of Crack Propagation and Healing of Asphalt Concrete Using Digital Image Correlation
The fatigue performance and healing ability of asphalt pavements are important for mixture design, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the roads. By analyzing these parameters in an asphalt mixture,
On the Applicability of ATR-FTIR Microscopy to Evaluate the Blending between Neat Bitumen and Bituminous Coating of Reclaimed Asphalt
The utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt (RA) in the road construction sector induces considerable economic and ecological benefits. The blending of the recycled material with new components is believed
Fatigue Resistance of Bituminous Mixtures and Mortars Containing High Reclaimed Asphalt Content
The aim of this study was to assess whether the inclusion of a RAB can provide at least similar fatigue properties compared to an all-virgin mix, and to evaluate whether the proposed treatment is beneficial for the mixtures with an RAB.
Complex Bituminous Binders, Are Current Test Methods Suitable for?
The asphalt industry is constantly working to enhance the performances of asphalt materials, introducing innovative and more sustainable solutions. In this context, the incorporation of materials,
Digital image correlation to investigate crack propagation and healing of asphalt concrete
Accurate determination of the mechanical properties of asphalt concrete is very important in Road Engineering. The traditional method to calculate these properties is to run experiments using a
Evaluating the role of recycling rate and rejuvenator on the chemo-rheological properties of reclaimed polymer-modified binders
Incorporating reclaimed asphalt (RA) in surface layer mixtures is still limited due to performance concerns, and it becomes even more challenging when combining aged polymer-modified bitumen (PMB)
Analysis of 4-mm DSR tests: calibration, sample preparation, and evaluation of repeatability and reproducibility
Rheological characterisation methods are important when it comes to a performance-based selection system for bituminous binders for road applications. Standardised methods exist for the determination