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Recovering documentation-to-source-code traceability links using latent semantic indexing
An information retrieval technique, latent semantic indexing, is used to automatically identify traceability links from system documentation to program source code. The results of two experiments toExpand
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An information retrieval approach to concept location in source code
Concept location identifies parts of a software system that implement a specific concept that originates from the problem or the solution domain. Concept location is a very common softwareExpand
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Feature Location Using Probabilistic Ranking of Methods Based on Execution Scenarios and Information Retrieval
This paper recasts the problem of feature location in source code as a decision-making problem in the presence of uncertainty. The solution to the problem is formulated as a combination of theExpand
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The conceptual cohesion of classes
While often defined in informal ways, software cohesion reflects important properties of modules in a software system. Cohesion measurement has been used for quality assessment, fault pronenessExpand
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Automated severity assessment of software defect reports
  • T. Menzies, A. Marcus
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Software…
  • 1 September 2008
In mission critical systems, such as those developed by NASA, it is very important that the test engineers properly recognize the severity of each issue they identify during testing. Proper severityExpand
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Feature location via information retrieval based filtering of a single scenario execution trace
The paper presents a semi-automated technique for feature location in source code. The technique is based on combining information from two different sources: an execution trace, on one hand and theExpand
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Better cross company defect prediction
How can we find data for quality prediction? Early in the life cycle, projects may lack the data needed to build such predictors. Prior work assumed that relevant training data was found nearest toExpand
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Using information retrieval based coupling measures for impact analysis
Coupling is an important property of software systems, which directly impacts program comprehension. In addition, the strength of coupling measured between modules in software is often used as aExpand
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The Conceptual Coupling Metrics for Object-Oriented Systems
Coupling in software has been linked with maintainability and existing metrics are used as predictors of external software quality attributes such as fault-proneness, impact analysis, ripple effectsExpand
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Automatic generation of natural language summaries for Java classes
Most software engineering tasks require developers to understand parts of the source code. When faced with unfamiliar code, developers often rely on (internal or external) documentation to gain anExpand
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