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Instantiating the creation process in digital art for serious games design
Abstract The creation process in digital art relies often on collaborations between an artist (or group of artists) and a multidisciplinary team. This collaboration implies a multidisciplinary workExpand
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Artefacto computacional: elemento central na prática artística em arte e cultura digital
The emergence of digital art and its various variants such as computer art and digital media art is discussed. As well as, how this form of artistic and cultural expression is being affirmed in aExpand
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Employing personality-rich virtual persons - New tools required
Digital personalities are virtual characters that possess situation dependent, personality revealing behaviors. This paper introduces concepts, current and prospective usages of personality-richExpand
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Virtual Tutor: A Case of Study in University Aberta
The project VIRTUAL TUTORING – the virtual tutor as learning mediating artifact in online university education, is an ongoing project, with the main goal of analyzing the pedagogic impact of anExpand
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Digital Art: When Artistic and Cultural Muse Merges with Computer Technology
  • A. Marcos
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • 1 September 2007
Digital artifacts or "artistic applications" as they are usually called, aim at displaying information content by materializing concepts in a digital format. In this article the author explains aboutExpand
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WAVE: Sound and music in an immersive environment
This paper presents WAVE-a Virtual Audio Environment, which embraces the implementation of an immersive musical instrument model that uses three-dimensional (3D) sound techniques combined withExpand
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ARK: augmented reality kiosk
This paper aims at presenting a very first prototype of an Augmented Reality (AR) system that as been developed in recent months at our research group. The prototype adopts a kiosk format and allowsExpand
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Supporting Cooperative Software Development through a Multimedia Environment
Systems to support Cooperative Software Development (CSD) have as main goal to enable several users connected over a network to work together in order to develop software. They have to solve problemsExpand
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An Immersive Musical Instrument Prototype
This article describes a prototype immersive musical instrument that expands the concepts of traditional musical elements and allows the integration of a spatial dimension using 3D music and soundExpand
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PROSSEIA-VR: training in the virtual environments
9 Introduction The Virtual Reality (VR) field can provide a wide variety of industrial applications. We can find several examples in the automobile industry, where VR is used for tasks like design,Expand
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