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Assessment of root failures in tube-to-flange steel welded joints under torsional loading according to the Peak Stress Method
Abstract In the context of the local approaches to fatigue design of welded joints, the notch stress intensity factor (NSIF) approach assumes the weld toe as well as the weld root profile as sharpExpand
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A new cavity configuration for cesium beam primary frequency standards
In the design of cesium beam frequency standards, the presence of distributed cavity phase shifts (associated with residual running waves) in the microwave cavity, due to the small losses in theExpand
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Frequency Standards and Metrology
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High-Resolution Mode-Locked Laser Rangefinder With Harmonic Downconversion
The development of new pulsed optical sources with high pulse stability allows the improvement of common contactless measurement techniques. Expand
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The Optically Pumped Caesium Fountain: 10 -15 Frequency Accuracy?
Velocity-related problems like Doppler shifts, distributed cavity phase-shift and pulling by neighbouring transitions are presently the limiting factors in the accuracy of Cs beam primary frequencyExpand
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Rabi Pulling and Long-Term Stability in Cesium Beam Frequency Standards
even within a group of standards of the same model, but no clear description of how this may happen has been given. Experimental measurements on high-performance cesium beam standards are reportedExpand
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Long-term behavior of operational amplifiers
The voltage and current offsets of two typical precision operational amplifiers with BJT and FET input, respectively, were continuously measured for two years. Expand
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