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The Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS): Introduction to a novel, standardized, wide-range, high-quality, realistic picture database
Selecting appropriate stimuli to induce emotional states is essential in affective research. Only a few standardized affective stimulus databases have been created for auditory, language, and visualExpand
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Forgetting of emotional information is hard: an fMRI study of directed forgetting.
Strong evidence suggests that memory for emotional information is much better than for neutral one. Thus, one may expect that forgetting of emotional information is difficult and requiresExpand
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Characterization of the Nencki Affective Picture System by discrete emotional categories (NAPS BE)
The Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS; Marchewka, Żurawski, Jednoróg, & Grabowska, Behavior Research Methods, 2014) is a standardized set of 1,356 realistic, high-quality photographs divided intoExpand
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How reliable are gray matter disruptions in specific reading disability across multiple countries and languages? insights from a large‐scale voxel‐based morphometry study
The neural basis of specific reading disability (SRD) remains only partly understood. A dozen studies have used voxel‐based morphometry (VBM) to investigate gray matter volume (GMV) differencesExpand
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Task-specific reorganization of the auditory cortex in deaf humans
Significance What principles govern large-scale reorganization of the brain? In the blind, several visual regions preserve their task specificity but switch to tactile or auditory input. It remainsExpand
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Physical attractiveness and sex as modulatory factors of empathic brain responses to pain
Empathy is a process that comprises affective sharing, imagining, and understanding the emotions and mental states of others. The brain structures involved in empathy for physical pain include theExpand
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Can Pornography be Addictive? An fMRI Study of Men Seeking Treatment for Problematic Pornography Use
Pornography consumption is highly prevalent, particularly among young adult males. For some individuals, problematic pornography use (PPU) is a reason for seeking treatment. Despite the pervasivenessExpand
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Neural basis of phonological awareness in beginning readers with familial risk of dyslexia—Results from shallow orthography
Phonological processing ability is a key factor in reading acquisition, predicting its later success or causing reading problems when it is weakened. Expand
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Basic Emotions in the Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL BE): New Method of Classifying Emotional Stimuli
The Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL) has recently been introduced as a standardized database of Polish words suitable for studying various aspects of language and emotions. Though the NAWL wasExpand
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How multiple repetitions influence the processing of self-, famous and unknown names and faces: an ERP study.
Because we live in an extremely complex social environment, people require the ability to memorize hundreds or thousands of social stimuli. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect ofExpand
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