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Validation of the first algorithm applied for deriving the aerosol properties over the ocean using the POLDER/ADEOS measurements
A global map of aerosol parameters (optical thickness, Angstrom exponent, and refractive index) are derived from the POLDER instrument on board the ADEOS-1 platform. Expand
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Efficacy of 2 interventions for panic disorder in patients presenting to the ED with chest pain.
BACKGROUND Brief and efficacious interventions for panic disorder (PD) in patients presenting to emergency departments (EDs) for chest pain are essential. This study assessed the effects of 2Expand
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`I'm Cured But….'
The current qualitative research studied representations of illness posttreatment from a heart transplant group, a panic disorder group, and a tic disorder group. All three groups were preoccupiedExpand
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Preliminary investigation of the Panic Screening Score for emergency department patients with unexplained chest pain.
OBJECTIVES The objective was to demonstrate the derivation and the preliminary validation of a brief screening score to improve recognition of panic-like anxiety in emergency department (ED) patientsExpand
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Treatment of panic in chest pain patients from emergency departments: efficacy of different interventions focusing on panic management.
OBJECTIVE The aim was to assess the efficacy of two brief cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)-based interventions (7×1-h sessions and 1×2-h session) and a pharmacological treatment (paroxetine),Expand
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Characterization of C─B─N Solid Solutions Deposited from a Gaseous Phase between 900° and 1050°C
The composition, the structure, and some physical properties of boron–carbon–nitrogen solid solutions prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) have been investigated. Both crystalline films andExpand
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High magnetic field properties of mixed terbium-yttrium ferrite garnets
Magnetization measurements in d.c. magnetic fields up to 180 kOe have been performed on polycrystalline specimens and on single crystals of mixed terbium-yttrium iron garnets: TbxY3−xFe5O12 in theExpand
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Oscillations des densités de population du couple bactérien proie-prédateur Escherichia coli-bdellovibrio bacteriovorus: Étude expérimentale et modèle théorique
Summary Oscillations in population densities in the bacterial predator-prey Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus-Escherichia coli system were investigated both experimentally and theoretically. ExperimentalExpand
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Social Support in Female Victims of Sexual Assault
The goal of this study is to enhance the efficacy of CBT with victims of sexual assault suffering from PTSD by getting the spouse involved. Thus, in addition to attempting to reduce PTSD symptoms,Expand
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Peritraumatic Dissociation as a Mediator of Peritraumatic Distress and PTSD: A Retrospective, Cross-Sectional Study
The objective of the present article was to examine the mediational significance of peritraumatic dissociation in the relationship between peritraumatic distress and posttraumatic stress disorderExpand
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