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A Low-Cost Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Prototype for Shallow Water Tasks
Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) have received worldwide attention and been widely used in various applications. Expand
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Flight Dynamics Modelling and Experimental Validation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are a viable alternative to manned aircraft and satellites for a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, and surveying. Expand
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SMARTPIG: Simultaneous mosaicking and resectioning through planar image graphs
  • A. Marburg, M. Hayes
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and…
  • 26 May 2015
This paper describes Smartpig, an algorithm for the iterative mosaicking of images of a planar surface using a unique parameterization which decomposes inter-image projective warps into camera intrinsics, fronto-parallel projections and similarities. Expand
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Model Validation Using On-Board Sensing and Instrumentation
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight dynamics model has been developed to predict the stability and flying characteristics of small UAVs. Extreme flight environments can be created in theExpand
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Evaluation of feature detectors for registering aerial images
The detection, extraction, and matching of image features is a popular method for generating point-to-point correspondences for the estimation of scene and camera geometry. Expand
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Integrated Flight Dynamics Modelling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
The primary motivation to build a flight dynamics model was for dead reckoning of unmanned aerial vehicle, a process of estimating the aircraft's motions from the last known state during the interval of losing GPS signals. Expand
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Design of low-cost unmanned underwater vehicle for shallow waters
Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) have received worldwide attention and been widely used in various applications. In this paper, a recently developed low cost UUV prototype at the University ofExpand
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Pose Guided Matching for Aerial Images
The estimation of the geometric relationship between pairs of images is a core task for many computer vision applications. Expand
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Pose Priors for Aerial Image Registration
RANSAC has become an essential tool for the robust estimation of inter-image geometries using point correspondences. Expand
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