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Rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries.
Lithium battery chemistries enabled by solid-state electrolytes
Solid-state electrolytes are attracting increasing interest for electrochemical energy storage technologies. In this Review, we provide a background overview and discuss the state of the art,Expand
Challenges and prospects of lithium-sulfur batteries.
The development of novel composite cathode materials including sulfur-carbon and sulfur-polymer composites are described, describing the design principles, structure and properties, and electrochemical performances of these new materials. Expand
Oxide-Ion Electrolytes
▪ Abstract The performance of the oxide-ion electrolyte of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is critical to the development of an intermediate-temperature system. Although yttria-stabilized zirconia isExpand
Lithium-sulfur batteries: progress and prospects.
This Progress Report highlights recent developments with special attention toward innovation in sulfur-encapsulation techniques, development of novel materials, and cell-component design. Expand
Pathways for practical high-energy long-cycling lithium metal batteries
State-of-the-art lithium (Li)-ion batteries are approaching their specific energy limits yet are challenged by the ever-increasing demand of today’s energy storage and power applications, especiallyExpand
High-voltage positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries.
This review gives an account of the various emerging high-voltage positive electrode materials that have the potential to satisfy the requirements of lithium-ion batteries either in the short or long term, including nickel-rich layered oxides, lithium- rich layeredOxides, high- voltage spinel oxide compounds, and high- voltage polyanionic compounds. Expand
Mesoporous Titanium Nitride-Enabled Highly Stable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.
The TiN-S composite cathode exhibits superior performance because of higher electrical conductivity and the capture of the soluble intermediate species of the electrode reactions by 2-5 nm mesoporesExpand
Atomic Structure of a Lithium-Rich Layered Oxide Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Evidence of a Solid Solution
Li[Li0.2Ni0.2Mn0.6]O2, which is a cathode material for Li-ion batteries with enhanced capacity, has been examined, for the first time, with a combination of aberration-corrected scanning transmissionExpand
A perspective on nickel-rich layered oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
Abstract Nickel-rich layered oxides are one of the most promising cathode candidates for next-generation high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries. The advantages of these materials are highExpand