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The Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany, and the UK
A central concern about immigration is the integration into the labour market, not only of the first generation, but also of subsequent generations. Little comparative work exists for Europe’sExpand
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Tests of alternative wage-employment bargaining models with an application to the UK aggregate labour market
Abstract In this paper we propose a test that discriminates among alternative models of bargaining for wages and employment. The test rests on a theoretical framework which encompasses both theExpand
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Robot Arithmetic: New Technology and Wages
Existing economic models show how new technology can cause large changes in relative wages and inequality. But there are also claims, based largely on verbal expositions, that new technology can harmExpand
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Labour Markets with Company Wage Policies
In the conventional perfectly competitive model of the labour market, wage-setting is individualistic in the sense that identical workers should receive identical wages in different firms andExpand
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Minimum wages and wage inequality
Over the last fifteen years, the deregulation of Britain's labour market has led to economic growth, employment opportunities, and a more diverse workforce: the 'fat years'. However, now as BritainExpand
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Interobserver agreement of digital dermatitis M-scores for photographs of the hind feet of standing dairy cattle.
Digital dermatitis (DD) is the leading infectious cause of lameness in dairy cattle, and it affects their welfare and productivity worldwide. At the herd level, DD is often assessed while cows areExpand
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Just can't get enough: more on skill-biassed change and labour market performance
It is common to hear the argument that poor labour market performance in OECD countries in recent years is the result of shifts in relative demand against less-skilled workers. But, there is muchExpand
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Storytelling as a tool of technical explanation-improvisation risks and benefits
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  • IPCC 99. Communication Jazz: Improvising the New…
  • 7 September 1999
K. Echlin (1997) published her main research findings on infrasonic communication between elephants in the form of a novel, called "Elephant Winter". Echlin was then invited to address the 1998 IPCCExpand
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After Wages Councils
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