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Efficient hetero amplifier for DWDM system
Abstract Theoretical studies on gain characteristics of fluoride based hetero amplifier is thoroughly exhibited in the current research, which can be effectively used for S-band amplification inExpand
A segmentation based channel scheduling scheme for improving channel utilization in OBS networks
Abstract Channel scheduling is an important aspect in optical burst switching (OBS) networks. OBS is a promising solution for the future Internet backbone. In OBS network a key issue is data channelExpand
Increasing Channel Utilisation using Segmentation based Channel Scheduling Algorithms in OBS Network
Optical burst switching (OBS) is emerging as the switching technology for next generation optical networks. Expand
A Heuristic algorithm for reducing wavelength number of optical WDM networks
This paper proposes a Heuristic algorithm in order to reduce the total number of wavelengths required to accommodate light-paths in a WDM networks with static traffic loading. Proposed algorithm isExpand
Implimentation of Cryptographic Algorithm for GSM and UMTS Systems
This paper is based on simulation of A5/3 and f8 algorithms used by Mobile Subscribers to protect the privacy of cellular voice and data communication. Expand
Compensating rain induced impairments in terrestrial FSO links using aperture averaging and receiver diversity
In this paper, we investigate the performance of a free space optical link considering the deteriorations caused by heavy rain. The applicability of receiver diversity and aperture averagingExpand
Experimental investigation of wind and temperature induced scintillation effect on optical wireless communication link
Abstract Atmospheric disturbances due to randomly distributed wind flow and temperature results in fluctuation of intensity as well as in the phase of the received light signal, impairing an opticalExpand
Because of the need in medical diagnostics and more recently, the worldwide concern of the threat of chemical and bioterrorism great demand of bio-intelligence arises. Here, the review of biosensorsExpand
Enhanced coherent optical OFDM FSO link using diversity for different weather conditions
The aim of this paper is to incorporate this Diversity technique into the FSO OFDM, so that an enhanced FSO link is established. Expand
Performance Analysis of Backward Multipumped Raman Amplifier in DWDM System
The Quality factor for equal spacing at 10km SMF is 16.3 dB and less noise figure is 9dB. Expand