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Telephone Call Centers: Tutorial, Review, and Research Prospects
Telephone call centers are an integral part of many businesses, and their economic role is significant and growing. They are also fascinating sociotechnical systems in which the behavior of customersExpand
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Statistical Analysis of a Telephone Call Center
A call center is a service network in which agents provide telephone-based services. Customers who seek these services are delayed in tele-queues. This article summarizes an analysis of a uniqueExpand
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Designing a Call Center with Impatient Customers
The most common model to support workforce management of telephone call centers is theM/ M/ N/ B model, in particular its special casesM/ M/ N (Erlang C, which models out busy signals) andM/ M/ N/ NExpand
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Dimensioning Large Call Centers
textabstractWe develop a framework for asymptotic optimization of a queueing system. The motivation is the staffing problem of call centers with 100's of agents (or more). Such a call center isExpand
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Call Centers with Impatient Customers: Many-Server Asymptotics of the M/M/n + G Queue
AbstractThe subject of the present research is the M/M/n + G queue. This queue is characterized by Poisson arrivals at rate λ, exponential service times at rate μ, n service agents and generallyExpand
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Strong approximations for Markovian service networks
Inspired by service systems such as telephone call centers, we develop limit theorems for a large class of stochastic service network models. They are a special family of nonstationary MarkovExpand
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Hospitals are complex systems with essential societal benefits and huge mounting costs. These costs are exacerbated by inefficiencies in hospital processes, which are often manifested by congestionExpand
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Scheduling Flexible Servers with Convex Delay Costs: Heavy-Traffic Optimality of the Generalized cµ-Rule
We consider a queueing system with multitype customers and flexible (multiskilled) servers that work in parallel. IfQ iis the queue length of typei customers, this queue incurs cost at the rate ofC iExpand
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Discrete Flow Networks: Bottleneck Analysis and Fluid Approximations
We conduct bottleneck analysis of a deterministic dynamic discrete-flow network. The analysis presupposes only the existence of long-run averages, and is based on a continuous fluid approximation toExpand
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Queueing Models of Call Centers: An Introduction
This is a survey of some academic research on telephone call centers. The surveyed research has its origin in, or is related to, queueing theory. Indeed, the “queueing-view” of call centers is bothExpand
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