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Structural model for the biogenic Mn oxide produced by Pseudomonas putida
Abstract X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Mn K-edge extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy were combined to elaborate a structural model for phyllomanganates (layer-type Mn oxides)Expand
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The mechanism of anion adsorption on iron oxides: Evidence for the bonding of arsenate tetrahedra on free Fe(O, OH)6 edges
Abstract Parallel studies conducted recently on the mechanism of adsorption of arsenate and selenate oxyanions on iron oxyhydroxides have resulted in different structural models. On the basis ofExpand
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Polarized EXAFS, distance-valence least-squares modeling (DVLS), and quantitative texture analysis approaches to the structural refinement of Garfield nontronite
Abstract This paper reports on the new application of polarized extended X-ray absorption fine structure (P-EXAFS) spectroscopy to fine-grained layer silicates taking the Garfield nontronite as aExpand
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Crystal chemistry of trace elements in natural and synthetic goethite
Abstract The crystal chemistry of Cr (0.73%), Mn (0.88%), Co (0.166%), Ni (0.898%), Cu (0.263%), and Zn (0.026%) in natural goethite (αFeOOH) from an earthy saprolite formation in West-Africa wasExpand
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Site occupancies by iron in nontronites
Twelve nontronites and two ferruginous smectites have been characterized with respect to Fe3+ occupancy of tetrahedral sites. The techniques used were near infrared, Fe-K X-ray absorption near-edgeExpand
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The Mechanism of Selenate Adsorption on Goethite and Hydrous Ferric Oxide
Abstract EXAFS spectroscopy has been used to investigate the structure of selenate surface complexes sorbed on dry and wet goethite and hydrous ferric oxide. It is shown that selenate oxyanionsExpand
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Arsenic(III) oxidation by birnessite and precipitation of manganese(II) arsenate.
Solution chemical techniques were used to investigate the oxidation of As(III) to As(V) in 0.011 M arsenite suspension of well-crystallized hexagonal birnessite (H-birnessite, 2.7 g L(-1)) at pH 5.Expand
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Oxidation-reduction mechanism of iron in dioctahedral smectites: I. Crystal chemistry of oxidized reference nontronites
Abstract The crystal chemistry of Fe in four nontronites (Garfield, Panamint Valley, SWa-1, and NG-1) was investigated by chemical analysis, X-ray goniometry, X-ray absorption pre-edge spectroscopy,Expand
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Structure of synthetic monoclinic Na-rich birnessite and hexagonal birnessite: II. Results from chemical studies and EXAFS spectroscopy
Abstract Solution chemical techniques were used to study the conversion of synthetic Na-rich buserite (NaBu) to hexagonal (H+-exchanged) birnessite (HBi) at low pH. The low-pH reaction is broadlyExpand
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Chemical and structural control of the partitioning of Co, Ce, and Pb in marine ferromanganese oxides
The oxidation state and mineral phase association of Co, Ce, and Pb in hydrogenetic, diagenetic, and hydrothermal marine ferromanganese oxides were characterized by X-ray absorption near-edgeExpand
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