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Quantum gravity partition functions in three dimensions
We consider pure three-dimensional quantum gravity with a negative cosmological constant. The sum of known contributions to the partition function from classical geometries can be computed exactly,
Conformal vacua and entropy in de Sitter space
The de Sitter/conformal field theory (dS/CFT) correspondence is illuminated through an analysis of massive scalar field theory in d-dimensional de Sitter space. We consider a one-parameter family of
One-loop Partition Functions of 3D Gravity
We consider the one-loop partition function of free quantum field theory in locally Anti-de Sitter space-times. In three dimensions, the one loop determinants for scalar, gauge and graviton
Hidden Conformal Symmetry of the Kerr Black Hole
Extreme and very-near-extreme spin $J$ Kerr black holes have been conjectured to be holographically dual to two-dimensional (2D) conformal field theories (CFTs) with left and right central charges
Holographic mutual information is monogamous
We identify a special information-theoretic property of quantum field theories with holographic duals: the mutual informations among arbitrary disjoint spatial regions A,B,C obey the inequality
Chiral gravity, log gravity, and extremal CFT
We show that the linearization of all exact solutions of classical chiral gravity around the ${\mathrm{AdS}}_{3}$ vacuum have positive energy. Nonchiral and negative-energy solutions of the
Beauty is attractive: Moduli trapping at enhanced symmetry points
We study quantum effects on moduli dynamics arising from the production of particles which are light at points of enhanced symmetry in moduli space. The resulting forces trap the moduli at these
Holographic charged Rényi entropies
A new class of entanglement measures is constructed by extending the usual definition of Rényi entropy to include a chemical potential and are given by Euclidean path integrals with the insertion of a Wilson line encircling the entangling surface.
S-brane thermodynamics
The description of string-theoretic s-branes at gs = 0 as exact worldsheet CFTs with a ?cosh X0 or ?e?X0 boundary interaction is considered. Due to the imaginary-time periodicity of the interaction
Multiboundary Wormholes and Holographic Entanglement
The AdS/CFT correspondence relates quantum entanglement between boundary Conformal Field Theories and geometric connections in the dual asymptotically Anti-de Sitter space-time. We consider entangled