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A vertebrate gene related to orthodenticle contains a homeodomain of the bicoid class and demarcates anterior neuroectoderm in the gastrulating mouse embryo.
We studied the expression of two vertebrate homeobox genes, Otx1 and Otx2, related to orthodenticle, a gene expressed in the developing head of Drosophila. Both genes are expressed in restrictedExpand
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Area identity shifts in the early cerebral cortex of Emx2−/− mutant mice
The specification of area identities in the cerebral cortex is a complex process, primed by intrinsic cortical cues and refined after the arrival of afferent fibers from the thalamus. Little is knownExpand
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The Lack of Emx2 Causes Impairment ofReelin Signaling and Defects of Neuronal Migration in the Developing Cerebral Cortex
Neocorticogenesis in mice homozygous for an Emx2null allele is the topic of this article. The development of both main components of neocortex, primordial plexiform layer derivatives and corticalExpand
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Emx2 and Pax6 control regionalization of the pre-neuronogenic cortical primordium.
It has recently been demonstrated that the transcription factor genes Emx2 and Pax6, expressed in the developing cerebral cortex along two complementary tangential gradients, are essential for theExpand
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EMX2 protein in the developing mouse brain and olfactory area
The distribution of EMX2, the protein product of the homeobox gene Emx2, was analyzed in the developing mouse CNS by means of a polyclonal antibody we raised against it. The protein is present in theExpand
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Foxg1 Confines Cajal-Retzius Neuronogenesis and Hippocampal Morphogenesis to the Dorsomedial Pallium
It has been suggested that cerebral cortex arealization relies on positional values imparted to early cortical neuroblasts by transcription factor genes expressed within the pallial field in gradedExpand
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Emx2 regulates the proliferation of stem cells of the adult mammalian central nervous system.
The appropriate control of proliferation of neural precursors has fundamental implications for the development of the central nervous system and for cell homeostasis/replacement within specific brainExpand
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Implication of OTX2 in Pigment Epithelium Determination and Neural Retina Differentiation
The expression pattern of Otx2, a homeobox-containing gene, was analyzed from the beginning of eye morphogenesis until neural retina differentiation in chick embryos. Early on, Otx2 expression wasExpand
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Expression pattern of cSix3, a member of the Six/sine oculis family of transcription factors
We describe the expression pattern of cSix3, a chick homologue of the murine Six3. cSix3 transcripts are expressed from presomitic stages in the most anterior portion of the neural plate. As theExpand
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A mutually stimulating loop involving emx2 and canonical wnt signalling specifically promotes expansion of occipital cortex and hippocampus.
The correct size of the different areas composing the mature cerebral cortex depends on the proper early allocation of cortical progenitors to their distinctive areal fates, as well as on appropriateExpand
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