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Epilepsy in pakistan: national guidelines for clinicians
These guidelines consist of the universally ILAE accepted definition and classification of epilepsy and Epileptic syndromes with A step wise approach to a patient with seizures and epilepsy in Pakistan.
Origin and development of drug addiction in South Asia with special reference to Pakistan
During the course of this search man has extracted opium from poppy plant, cocaine from the leaves of coca bush, and cannabis from the hemp plant. Initially the use of these was only for the purpose
Multiple sclerosis in Pakistan
Retrospective data from the largest series of patients with multiple sclerosis from Pakistan suggest that MS is not uncommon in Pakistan, and many patients were found to have severe disability despite short disease duration.
Preparedness and impact of COVID 19 infection at tertiary care neurology centers in Pakistan
Social Work Practice in Health Care with Special Reference to Pakistan
Social work in health field does not regard cure as the sole objective of the medical care, prevention and rehabilitation are also important; it is only necessary for persons whose cure does not fully restore physical or mental capacity.
Challenges in certification and credentialing of Pakistani physicians in Middle East
  • A. Malik
  • Medicine, Political Science
  • 2015
The Middle East and Gulf remain the destination of choice for Pakistani doctors, with the majority of the trained healthcare professionals been provided by these countries who completed their all educational credentials in their country of origin.
Neurology advocacy in Pakistan