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Alternative Modernity: The Technical Turn in Philosophy and Social Theory
In this new collection of essays, Andrew Feenberg argues that conflicts over the design and organization of the technical systems that structure our society shape deep choices for the future. AExpand
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Metabolic changes in Asian Muslim pregnant mothers observing the Ramadan fast in Britain.
1. Metabolic changes associated with Ramadan fasting were studied in eleven Asian pregnant mothers. This was compared with a group of control mothers undergoing a normal physiological fast. 2. At theExpand
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Placental zinc in normal and intra-uterine growth-retarded pregnancies.
The zinc concentration of placental tissue and cord blood in sixteen mothers who gave birth to normal babies was measured. The blood volume of each placenta was estimated from measurements ofExpand
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Glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and birth size in Asian and European mothers
SummaryWe have shown previously that fasting plasma glucose correlates positively with birth weight, and is higher in Asian than in European mothers. We therefore studied this further in 97 EuropeansExpand
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XY‐hermaphroditism with unique combination of gonadal tumours
An 80-year-old woman was treated at the accident and emergency department of Birmingham General Hospital with minor injuries sustained during a road traffic accident. Abdominal examination, however,Expand
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Romantic Representations of the Subcontinent: “Subliming India” and Configuring Its Geopolitical Significance
Although British Indian Romantic narratives evolved out of the Oriental escapist verse tales of William Collins, the verse of William Jones and the British Romantic poets was notable for drawing uponExpand
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Dravidian Language and Culture (Selected Essays)
Andree F. Sjoberg: Dravidian Language and Culture (Selected Essays), Dravidian University, Srinivasavanum, Kuppam, India, 2009(Compiled by Dr. D. Balaganapathi)Dravidian Language and Culture is aExpand
Socio-economic variables: a contributing factor for the development of aggression behaviour among the students with type A and type B personality
The aim of the present study was to explore the relationship among the Personality types and different dimensions of aggression of high school students. One hundred seventy six male students in theExpand