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Spatial and temporal distribution in density and biomass of two Pseudodiaptomus species (Copepoda: Calanoida) in the Caeté river estuary (Amazon region--North of Brazil).
Spatial and temporal density and biomass distribution of the planktonic copepods Pseudodiaptomus richardi and P. acutus along a salinity gradient were investigated in the Caeté River EstuaryExpand
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Seasonal variation in the copepod community structure from a tropical Amazon estuary, Northern Brazil.
The main purpose of this study was to investigate the seasonal variation of copepod community structure during the months of July, September and November 2003 (dry season) and January, March and MayExpand
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Reproduction of a South American population of pumpkinseed sunfish Lepomis gibbosus (Linnaeus) (Osteichthyes, Centrarchidae): a comparison with the European and North American populations
The reproductive biology of the introduced pumpkinseed sunfish Lepomis gibbosus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Custodio's Dam, rio Doce high basin, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil was studied fromExpand
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Seasonal and short-term variations in the copepod community of a shallow Amazon estuary (Taperaçu, Northern Brazil)
Magalhaes, A., Nobre, D.S.B., Bessa, R.S.C., Pereira, L.C.C. and Costa, R.M. da, 2011. Seasonal and short-term variations in the copepod community of a shallow Amazon estuary (Taperacu Estuary,Expand
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Establishment of non-native guppy Poecilia reticulata (Peters, 1859) (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) in an Municipal Park located in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
We evaluated the establishment of the ornamental non-native guppy Poecilia reticulata bimonthly from November 2006 to October 2007 in an urban reservoir located in the city of Belo Horizonte,Expand
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Recreational carrying capacity of an Amazon macrotidal beach during vacation periods
ABSTRACT Pessoa, R.M.C., Pereira, L.C.C., Sousa, R.C., Magalhães, A., and da Costa, R.M., 2013. Recreational Carrying Capacity of an Amazon Macrotidal Beach During Vacation Periods. Ajuruteua is oneExpand
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Reproduction of the South American Dogfish Characid, Galeocharax knerii, in Two Reservoirs from Upper Paraná River Basin, Brazil
We analysed the reproductive biology of the dogfish characid, Galeocharax knerii, by histological and ultrastructural techniques during two consecutive annual cycles at the Furnas and ItumbiaraExpand
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The role of women in the mangrove crab (Ucides cordatus, Ocypodidae) production process in North Brazil (Amazon region, Pará)
Abstract The mangrove crab Ucides cordatus is considered by some authors as the keystone species in the mangrove ecosystem of the Caete river estuary, North Brazil. In this region, crab fisheryExpand
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Ultrastructure of the semicystic spermatogenesis in the South American freshwater characid Hemigrammus marginatus (Teleostei, Characiformes)
Summary Semicystic, a rare type of spermatogenesis, was detected in the characid Hemigrammus marginatus and characterized by cysts hatching during the spermatid phase and maturation of theExpand
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Natural and anthropogenic processes on the recreational activities in urban Amazon beaches
Abstract The Amazon coastal zone is characterized by high levels of hydrodynamic energy influenced by both marine and continental processes. This region commands a great deal of interest fromExpand
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