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Selection of a convolution function for Fourier inversion using gridding [computerised tomography application].
In the technique known as gridding, the data samples are weighted for sampling density and convolved with a finite kernel, then resampled on a grid preparatory to a fast Fourier transform. TheExpand
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Exact maximum likelihood parameter estimation of superimposed exponential signals in noise
  • Y. Bresler, A. Macovski
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Acoust. Speech Signal Process.
  • 1 October 1986
A unified framework for the exact maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of superimposed exponential signals in noise, encompassing both the time series and the array problems. Expand
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Variable-rate selective excitation
Abstract A procedure is introduced for refabricating any spatially selective excitation pulse to reduce its SAR while preserving its duration and slice profile. Called variable-rate selectiveExpand
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A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Emission Image Reconstruction from Projections
The stochastic nature of the measurements used for image reconstruction from projections has largely been ignored in the past. If taken into account, the stochastic nature has been used to calculateExpand
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Optimal Control Solutions to the Magnetic Resonance Selective Excitation Problem
Most magnetic resonance imaging sequences employ field gradients and amplitude modulated RF pulses to excite only those spins lying in a specific plane. The fidelity of the resulting magnetizationExpand
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A linear class of large-tip-angle selective excitation pulses
Abstract The design of large-tip-angle selective excitation pulses is in general a nonlinear problem. In this paper we present a class of selective excitation pulses that can be designed using aExpand
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Ultrasonic imaging using arrays
An analysis is presented of the two general types of arrays-the direct imaging array and the phased array. These are analyzed over three levels of approximation: geometric optics, steady-stateExpand
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A Natural Pixel Decomposition for Two-Dimensional Image Reconstruction
In two-dimensional image reconstruction from line integrals using maximum likelihood, Bayesian, or minimum variance algorithms, the x-y plane on which the object estimate is defined is decomposedExpand
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On the number of signals resolvable by a uniform linear array
  • Y. Bresler, A. Macovski
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Acoust. Speech Signal Process.
  • 1 December 1986
An algebraic limitation on the maximum number of directions of arrival of plane waves that can be resolved by a uniform linear sensor array is studied. Expand
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Prepolarized magnetic resonance imaging around metal orthopedic implants
A prepolarized MRI (PMRI) scanner was used to image near metal implants in agar gel phantoms and in in vivo human wrists. Comparison images were made on 1.5‐ and 0.5‐T conventional whole‐bodyExpand
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