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Health human resources planning and the production of health: development of an extended analytical framework for needs-based health human resources planning.
This article develops and applies an extended analytical framework that incorporates explicitly population health needs, levels of service to respond tohealth needs, and provider productivity as additional variables in determining the future requirements for the levels and mix of healthcare providers. Expand
The production of prediction: What does machine learning want?
This article maps the principal forms of material action, narrative and problematization that run across algorithmic modelling techniques such as logistic regression, decision trees and Naive Bayes classifiers. Expand
Transductions: Bodies and Machines at Speed
This paper presents a meta-anatomy of life, collectives and the pre-vital technicity of biotechnology through the lens of Stelarc's Ping Body. Expand
Wisdom, decision support and paradigms of decision making
These approaches are reviewed and the development of Wisdom, a procedurally rational decision support process and accompanying tool, is discussed and evaluated. Expand
Human Resources Planning and the Production of Health: A Needs-Based Analytical Framework
Traditional approaches to health human resources planning emphasize the effects of demographic change on the needs for health human resources. Planning requirements are largely based on the size andExpand
Eliminating the shortage of registered nurses in Canada: an exercise in applied needs-based planning.
The estimated Canadian shortage of RNs based on current circumstances can be resolved in the short to medium tern through modest improvements in RN retention, activity and productivity. Expand
An Applied Simulation Model for Estimating the Supply of and Requirements for Registered Nurses Based on Population Health Needs
A simulation model has been developed that simultaneously estimates the supply of and requirements for registered nurses based on the identification and interaction of the determinants and is illustrated using data for Nova Scotia, Canada. Expand
Wirelessness: Radical Empiricism in Network Cultures
How has wirelessnessbeing connected to objects and infrastructures without knowing exactly how or wherebecome a key form of contemporary experience? Stretching across routers, smart phones, netbooks,Expand
Design in synthetic biology
Significant transformations in biological technique and biological work are taking place in the aftermath of genomics. Although existing accounts of genomics and biotechnology contend that speciesExpand
Cutting Code: Software and Sociality
Software has often been left in the margins of accounts of digital cultures and network societies. Although software is everywhere, it is hard to say what it actually is.