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Phytoconstituents from Alpinia purpurata and their in vitro inhibitory activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Alpinia purpurata or red ginger was studied for its phytochemical constituents as part of our growing interest on Philippine Zingiberaceae plants that may exhibit antimycobacterial activity. TheExpand
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Antitubercular and Cytotoxic Chlorinated seco-Cyclohexenes from Uvaria alba.
Two new chlorine-containing polyoxygenated seco-cyclohexenes, albanols A (1) and B (2), along with the oxepinone metabolite grandiuvarone (3) were isolated from the endemic Philippine AnnonaceaeExpand
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Antitubercular constituents from Premna odorata Blanco.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Premna odorata Blanco (Lamiaceae) is a medicinal plant traditionally used in Albay Province, in southeastern Luzon, Philippines to treat tuberculosis. This study aimedExpand
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Indole alkaloids from the leaves of Philippine Alstonia scholaris.
The first seco-uleine alkaloids, manilamine (1) (18-hydroxy-19,20-dehydro-7,21-seco-uleine) and N4-methyl angustilobine B (2), were isolated from the (pH 5) alkaloid extract of Philippine AlstoniaExpand
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Mycobacterium tuberculosis and cholinesterase inhibitors from Voacanga globosa.
Globospiramine (1), a new spirobisindole alkaloid possessing an Aspidosperma-Aspidosperma skeleton, together with deoxyvobtusine (2), deoxyvobtusine lactone (3), vobtusine lactone (4) and lupeol (5),Expand
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Tetrahydroxanthene-1,3(2H)-dione derivatives from Uvaria valderramensis.
Two tetrahydroxanthene-1,3(2H)-dione metabolites, valderramenols A (1) and B (2), were isolated from the Philippine endemic Annonaceous species Uvaria valderramensis. Planar structures of theExpand
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Antitubercular activity of the semi-polar extractives of Uvaria rufa.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the inhibitory activity of the chloroform extract, petroleum ether and chloroform sub-extracts, lead-acetate treated chloroform extract, fractions and secondary metabolitesExpand
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Polyoxygenated seco-cyclohexenes and other constituents from Uvaria valderramensis
Abstract Phytochemical study on the Philippine endemic Annonaceae plant Uvaria valderramensis afforded a new highly oxygenated seco -cyclohexene derivative, valderepoxide ( 1 ), along with the sixExpand
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Glucosides from the unripe fruit juice of Carica papaya Linn. (Caricaceae) cultivar ‘Red Lady’ with antioxidant activity
Abstract Natural antioxidants from Carica papaya (‘Red Lady’ cultivar) were investigated. Reversed phase chromatography of the fruit juice gave 12 fractions that were subjected to DPPH and hydroxylExpand
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Sterols and triterpenes from the non-polar antitubercular fraction of Abutilon indicum
Introduction: Abutilon indicum Sweet (Malvaceae) is used in Filipino folk medicine as demulcent, diuretic, sedative, aphrodisiac and antidiabetic remedy. It is also effective in the treatment ofExpand
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