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On gauge fixing
Gauge fixing is a useful tool to simplify calculations. It is also valuable to combine different methods, in particular lattice and continuum methods. However, beyond perturbation theory the
Three-point vertices in Landau-gauge Yang-Mills theory
I. IN T R O D U C T IO N Verticesdescribethebasicinteractionsbetween theelem entarydegreesoffreedom ofQCD and arethusofcentralim portancefortheunderstandingofnon-trivialphenom ena in the
Chiral and deconfinement transition from correlation functions: SU(2) vs. SU(3)
We study a gauge-invariant order parameter for deconfinement and the chiral condensate in SU(2) and SU(3) Yang–Mills theory in the vicinity of the deconfinement phase transition using the Landau
Two- and three-point functions in Landau gauge Yang-Mills-Higgs theory
A bstractYang-Mills-Higgs theory offers a rich set of physics. In particular, in some region of its parameter space it has QCD-like behavior, while in some other range it is Higgs-like. Furthermore,
Spectroscopic analysis of the phase diagram of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory
Yang-Mills-Higgs theory, being the standard-model Higgs sector for a suitable choice of gauge and custodial group, offers a rich set of physics. In particular, in some region of its parameter space
Brout–Englert–Higgs physics: From foundations to phenomenology
  • A. Maas
  • Physics
    Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics
  • 13 December 2017
Exploratory study of three-point Green's functions in Landau-gauge Yang-Mills theory
Green’s functions are a central element in the attempt to understand non-perturbative phenomena in Yang-Mills theory. Besides the propagators, 3-point Green’s functions play a significant role, since
The Gluon propagator close to criticality
There are good reasons that the deconfinement phase transition of pure Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature should also be reflected in the behavior of gauge-fixed gluonic correlation functions.