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Physiological bases of oligotrophy of microorganisms and the concept of microbial community
  • A. M. Semenov
  • Environmental Science
    Microbial Ecology
  • 1 December 1991
Three groups of physiological processes in microorganisms are considered the physiological basis of oligotrophy: the greater substrate affinity of the oligotrophs' transport systems, efficient or
The health of soil ecosystem as self-maintenance and sustainable bioproductivity
In the review traditional characteristics of the soil quality are discussed and prospects of using the parameters of SH for diagnostics at recovery and biological rehabilitation of technogenically disturbed soils are proposed.
DGGE Fragments Oscillate with or Counter to Fluctuations in Cultivable Bacteria Along Wheat Roots
Bacterial compositions shifted within oscillations but were repeated from oscillation to oscillation, supporting the idea that the most abundant bacterial taxa were growing and dying over time and consequently in space, whereas other taxa counterfluctuated or hardly responded to the substrate supplied by the passing root tip.
Healthy Soil—Condition for Sustainability and Development of the Argo- and Sociospheres (Problem-Analytical Review)
The indicators of soil quality and their integrating characteristics of soil health, proposed to guide land users, soil ecologists and soil appraisal specialists, are analyzed.