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Purification and partial characterization of the Mr 30,000 integral membrane protein associated with the erythrocyte Rh(D) antigen.
Erythrocytes bearing the Rh(D) antigen have an Mr 30,000 integral membrane protein which can be surface-labeled with 125I and can be quantitatively immunoprecipitated from Triton X-100-solubilizedExpand
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Human monocyte carboxylesterase. Purification and kinetics.
Human peripheral blood monocytes were isolated by density gradient centrifugation and purified by counterflow centrifugation elutriation. Membrane-localized carboxylesterase (CBE) was extracted withExpand
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Two-dimensional iodopeptide mapping demonstrates that erythrocyte Rh D, c, and E polypeptides are structurally homologous but nonidentical.
The 32,000 molecular weight (mol wt) erythrocyte Rh D, c, and E polypeptides were separately purified from cDE/cDE erythrocytes by monoclonal immunoprecipitations and compared by two-dimensionalExpand
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The role of iodine in autoimmune thyroiditis.
Like most cancers, autoimmune diseases generally are due to the interaction of a number of genetic traits with an environmental trigger. Autoimmune thyroiditis, a model of organ-specific autoimmuneExpand
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Isolation of proteins related to the Rh polypeptides from nonhuman erythrocytes.
It is thought that the Rh antigens may be important in maintaining normal erythrocyte membrane integrity. Despite their name, Rh antigens are serologically present only on human erythrocytes. RhExpand
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Linking iodine with autoimmune thyroiditis.
A great deal of circumstantial evidence has linked iodine with the rising incidence of autoimmune thyroiditis in the United States. In our investigations, we have shown directly that T cells fromExpand
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Structural requirements for the inhibition of human monocyte carboxylesterase by organophosphorus compounds.
Human blood monocyte carboxylesterase (CBE) is inhibited by a variety of organophosphorus compounds including arylphosphates and arylphosphites and some alkylphosphites. Triphenyl phosphate andExpand
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Polymorphism in the Mr 32,000 Rh protein purified from Rh(D)-positive and -negative erythrocytes.
A Mr 32,000 integral membrane protein has previously been identified on erythrocytes bearing the Rh(D) antigen and is thought to contain the antigenic variations responsible for the different RhExpand
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Iodine is essential for human T cell recognition of human thyroglobulin.
Here we describe for the first time that recognition by human T cells of human thyroglobulin depends upon its iodine content. We have examined the proliferation of lymphocytes from blood ofExpand
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