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Tau Cleavage and Dephosphorylation in Cerebellar Granule Neurons Undergoing Apoptosis
Cerebellar granule cells undergo apoptosis in culture after deprivation of potassium and serum. During this process we found that tau, a neuronal microtubule-associated protein that plays a key roleExpand
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Isolation and characterization of VGF peptides in rat brain. Role of PC1/3 and PC2 in the maturation of VGF precursor
The neurotrophin responsive gene vgf is widely expressed in central and peripheral neurones, and in certain neuroendocrine cell populations. Its encoded VGF precursor protein (proVGF1: 617 aminoExpand
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Cadmium and mitochondria.
The heavy metal cadmium (Cd) a pollutant associated with several modern industrial processes, is absorbed in significant quantities from cigarette smoke, water, food and air contaminations. It isExpand
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Tissue‐Specific Processing of the Neuroendocrine Protein VGF
Abstract: VGF is a neuroendocrine‐specific gene product that is up‐regulated by nerve growth factor in the PC12 cell line. In rat neuroendocrine tissues two polypeptides of 90 and 80 kDa wereExpand
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Nuclear-mitochondrial interaction.
The biogenesis of mitochondria depends on the coordinated expression of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes. Consequently, the control of mitochondrial biogenesis and function depends on extremelyExpand
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A method for measuring mitochondrial mass and activity
Mitochondria, responsible for the energy-generating process essential for the cell metabolism, differ for the number, localization and activity in animal cells and tissues in relation to theExpand
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TLQP‐21, a neuroendocrine VGF‐derived peptide, prevents cerebellar granule cells death induced by serum and potassium deprivation
Different VGF peptides derived from Vgf, originally identified as a nerve growth factor responsive gene, have been detected in neurons within the central and peripheral nervous system and in variousExpand
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Expression, processing, and secretion of the neuroendocrine VGF peptides by INS-1 cells.
The neurotropin-inducible gene vgf is expressed in neuronal and endocrine tissues. It encodes a secretory protein that is proteolytically processed in neuronal cells to low molecular massExpand
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In vitro and in vivo pharmacological role of TLQP‐21, a VGF‐derived peptide, in the regulation of rat gastric motor functions
Background and purpose:  Vgf gene expression has been detected in various endocrine and neuronal cells in the gastrointestinal tract. In this study we investigated the pharmacological activity ofExpand
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Cadmium induces an apoptotic response in sea urchin embryos
Abstract Cadmium is a heavy metal toxic for living organisms even at low concentrations. It does not have any biological role, and since it is a permanent metal ion, it is accumulated by manyExpand
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