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Contribution to the knowledge of rupicolous plant communities in the limestone areas of North Africa
The rupicolous plant communities of the Moroccan Rif and Atlas Mountains and the Algerian Djurjura Mountains have been studied in this contribution. The structure and floristic composition of theseExpand
Contribution to the knowledge of the Moroccan mountain vegetation
Different types of plant communities, till now undetected in Morocco, are here described using the phytosociological method. The following new subassociations and associations are proposed:Expand
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Portulaca granulato-stellulata , nueva especie en la Isla de El Hierro (Islas Canarias)
Portulaca granulato-stellulata (Poellnitz) C. Ricceri & P. V. Arrigoni is a subcosmopolitan plant of uncertain origin (DANIN et al., 1978; DANIN, 2000). It has been recently reported from TenerifeExpand