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A Kirkwood-Buff analysis of local properties of solutions.
For decades, the properties of liquid mixtures have been analyzed in terms of excess thermodynamic functions. These functions convey global or macroscopic information on the system. In this work, aExpand
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Preferential solvation in alkan-1-ol/alkylbenzoate binary mixtures by solvatochromic probes.
The binary mixtures of methanol with (C(1)-C(4)) alkylbenzoates and of (C(1), C(3), C(5), C(7), C(9), C(11)) alkan-1-ols with methylbenzoate were used as solvents to look into the preferentialExpand
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Measurements and Modeling of Thermophysical Behavior of (C1 − C4) Alkylbenzoate/ (C1 − C11) Alkan-1-ol Mixed Solvents
The thermophysical properties of the (C1−C11) alkan-1-ol/(C1−C4) alkylbenzoate mixed solvents at atmospheric pressure and 298.15 K were studied over the whole composition range. The intermolecularExpand
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Microwave dielectric relaxation spectroscopy study of alkan-1-ol/alkylbenzoate binary solvents.
The structure and dynamics of alkan-1-ol/alkylbenzoate binary mixtures have been studied by microwave dielectric relaxation spectroscopy in the 200 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range. The binary mixturesExpand
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Acid–base behaviour of organopalladium complexes [Pd(CNN)R]BF4
Protonation of the orthopalladated carbon of the cyclometallated complex [Pd(CNN)L]+, where L = P(OMe)3 and HCNN is the C-deprotonated form of the tricoordinated chelant donor ligandExpand
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Phosphine and thiophene cyclopalladated complexes: hydrolysis reactions in strong acidic media.
The mechanisms for the hydrolysis of organopalladium complexes [Pd(CNN)R]BF(4) (R=P(OPh)(3), PPh(3), and SC(4)H(8)) were investigated at 25 °C by using UV/Vis absorbance measurements in 10 % v/vExpand
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Protonation Sites of Indoles and Benzoylindoles
Indomethacine (1) and acemethacine (2) contain the substituents -OCH3, -CH2COOH, -CH2COOCH2COOH, C-indole and O-benzoyl, which are susceptible to protonation in highly acidic media. To determine theExpand
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Unequal effect of ethanol-water on the stability of ct-DNA, poly[(dA-dT)]₂ and poly(rA)·poly(rU). Thermophysical properties.
Ethanol affects unequally the thermal stability of DNA and RNA. It stabilizes RNA, while destabilizing DNA. The variation of the relative viscosity (η/η0) of [poly(dA-dT)]2 with temperature unveilsExpand
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Evaluation of proton activity in microemulsions by a kinetic probe.
The decomposition reaction of the purple dye murexide in acidic media is used as a probe indicator for protons in nonionic microemulsions. The reaction kinetics primarily rely on the protonExpand
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