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Late Paleozoic - Mesozoic subduction-related magmatism at the southern margin of the Siberian continent and the 150 million-year history of the Mongol-Okhotsk Ocean
Abstract The paper reviews geological, geochronological and geochemical data from the Late Paleozoic – Mesozoic magmatic complexes of the Siberian continent north of the Mongol-Okhotsk suture. TheseExpand
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Geochronology and paleomagnetism of mafic igneous rocks in the Olenek Uplift, northern Siberia: Implications for Mesoproterozoic supercontinents and paleogeography
abstract Wepresentanew,reliablydatedMesoproterozoicpaleopoleforSiberia,basedonacombinedgeochrono-logical and paleomagnetic study of mafic rocks within the Mesoproterozoic Sololi Group of theOlenekExpand
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Age and evolution of late Mesozoic metamorphic core complexes in southern Siberia and northern Mongolia
Numerous Cretaceous metamorphic core complexes (MCCs) extend from Transbaikalia in Russia to northern Mongolia within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt. We investigated the Buteel and Zagan MCCs inExpand
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Timing and processes of late Mesozoic mid-lower-crustal extension in continental NE Asia and implications for the tectonic setting of the destruction of the North China Craton: Mainly constrained by
Abstract Late Mesozoic large-scale crustal extension occurred across the northeastern section of continental Asia, and metamorphic core complexes (MCCs) are the major features in this region. ThisExpand
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Proterozoic mafic magmatism in Siberian craton: An overview and implications for paleocontinental reconstruction
We present a summary of late Paleoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic mafic magmatism in the Siberian craton, including recently published U-Pb and Ar-40-Ar-39 dates. These new precise ages suggest that atExpand
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The East Siberia Transect
The new East Siberia transect, constructed by synthesizing recently analyzed geological and geophysical data, runs in a broken line through the vicinities of the towns of Nizhneangarsk, Chita, andExpand
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Mafic intrusions in southwestern Siberia and implications for a Neoproterozoic connection with Laurentia
Abstract Geochemical and geochronological studies reveal three distinct groups of Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic mafic intrusions in the Biryusa metamorphic massif of southwestern Siberia. Group 1Expand
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Early evolution of the Paleoasian ocean: LA-ICP-MS dating of detrital zircon from Late Precambrian sequences of the southern margin of the Siberian craton
Abstract We present U–Pb (LA-ICP-MS) data on detrital zircon from the Late Precambrian terrigenous rocks of the Baikal Group and Ushakovka Formation, western Cisbaikalia (southern flank of theExpand
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The Late Paleozoic geodynamics of the West Transbaikalian segment of the Central Asian fold belt
Abstract New data testifying to Late Paleozoic tectonometamorphic processes at the West Transbaikalian segment of the Central Asian Fold Belt have been obtained. Zircon dating (SHRIMP-II) of highlyExpand
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