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The H-Function: Theory and Applications
On the H-Function With Applications.- H-Function in Science and Engineering.- Fractional Calculus.- Applications in Statistics.- Functions of Matrix Argument.- Applications in Astrophysics Problems.
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A handbook of generalized special functions for statistical and physical sciences
Part 1 Mathematical preliminaries: the gamma function Bernoulli polynomials asymptotic expansions of gamma functions the psi functions the generalized zeta functions the beta function calculation ofExpand
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Generalized Hypergeometric Functions with Applications in Statistics and Physical Sciences
Meijer's G-function.- Particular cases of Meijer's G-function.- Integrals of G-functions.- Finite and infinite series of G-functions.- Computable representations of a G-function in the logarithmicExpand
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Quadratic forms in random variables : theory and applications
Textbook for a one-semester graduate course for students specializing in mathematical statistics or in multivariate analysis, or reference for theoretical as well as applied statisticians, confinesExpand
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A pathway to matrix-variate gamma and normal densities
A general real matrix-variate probability model is introduced here, which covers almost all real matrix-variate densities used in multivariate statistical analysis. Through the new density introducedExpand
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Special Functions for Applied Scientists
Basic Ideas of Special Functions and Statistical Distributions.- Mittag-Leffler Functions and Fractional Calculus.- An Introduction to q-Series.- Ramanujan's Theories of Theta and EllipticExpand
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The fractional kinetic equation and thermonuclear functions
The paper discusses the solution of a simple kinetic equation of thetype used for the computation of the change of the chemical compositionin stars like the Sun. Starting from the standard form ofExpand
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Quadratic Forms In Random Variables
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Mittag-Leffler Functions and Their Applications
We present a survey of the Mittag-Leffler function, generalized Mittag Leffler functions and their applications. Expand
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