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Antifungal compounds with anticancer potential from Trichoderma sp. P8BDA1F1, an endophytic fungus from Begonia venosa.
Four peptaibols with antifungal activity against the plant pathogen Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and the proteasome from Trichoderma sp.
Fungal Endophyte Communities in Begonia Species from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest
This first study to report fungal endophytes in begonia leaves and characterize their communities revealed that fungal communities are structured according to hosts, which means that each plant species had its distinct endophytic communities, but dominated by common fungal taxa.
Secondary metabolites produced by endophytic fungi: novel antifungal activity of fumiquinone B
The compound fumiquinone B is reported for the first time as an antifungal agent against D. phaseolorum, a relevant plant pathogen worldwide, and this is also the first report of the production of the produce of fumique B by the genus Neopestalotiopsis.