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Profile of Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Carotenoid Total, and α-Tocopherol from Flying Fish Eggs
The result showed that eggs flying fish contained 17 amino acids, such as essential amino acid 14.96% and non-essential amino acids 20.27%. Expand
Chemical Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Small Pelagic Fish (Amblygaster sirm and Sardinella gibbosa) from Muara Angke, Indonesia
Knowledge of fish proximate composition is essential to estimate energy value and to plan appropriate industrial and commercial processing. The highest fat content was found in viscera of spottedExpand
Minerals and Heavy Metals of Banana Puffer Fish from Sea of Region Gebang, Cirebon, West Java
This banana puffer fish empirically very liked by fishermen in the area Gebang, Cirebon. The purpose of this study was to determine the chemical composition and to identified heavy metals andExpand
Antioxidant Activity , Total Phenol Content , and Bioactive Components of Lindur Leave ( Bruguierra gymnorrhiza )
Lindur are mangrove plants that has been widely used as drug, yet informations on potential drug compounds and antioxidants contained in lindur were still limited. This study were determined toExpand
Purification of Sardinella sp., Oil: Centrifugation and Bentonite Adsorbent
Centrifugation and purification using adsorbents is one example of a fish oil refining techniques applied to reduce impurities of fish oil. The study aimed to determine the sardine oil quality beforeExpand
KANDUNGAN ASAM AMINO, TAURIN, MINERAL MAKRO-MIKRO, DAN VITAMIN B 12 UBUR-UBUR (Aurelia aurita) SEGAR DAN KERING Determination of Amino Acids, Taurine, Macro-Micro Mineral, and Vitamin B 12 on Fresh
Th e purpose of this research was to determine the composition of nutrition, amino acids, taurin, macro and micro mineral, and vitamin B 12 in fresh and dried jellyfi sh. Th e essential amino acidsExpand
ANATOMI, KOMPONEN BIOAKTIF DAN AKTIVITAS ANTIOKSIDAN DAUN MANGROVE API-API (Avicennia marina) Anatomy, Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Mangrove Api-api (Avicennia marina) Leaf
The microscopic analysis shown that api-api’s leaf have common feature dicotyl leaves structure, but it has a unique additional structure, that was salt extruding gland, that occurred in oil/water emulsion. Expand
Characterization of Fish Skin Gelatin Yellowfin Tuna
Gelatin is one of the products which become a necessity for various industries, i.e. food and non-food industries. The application of gelatin has been increasing year by year in Indonesia. However,Expand
Proximate compositions, bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity from large-leafed mangrove (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) fruit.
This study aimed to determine the proximate compositions, bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity from large-leafed mangrove fruit which extracted by methanol, and found old fruit has a more effective antioxidant activity compared to young fruit. Expand
Evaluation of the properties of tuna skin gelatin as a hard capsule material
Gelatin, which is thermally converted from collagen, is widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for hard and soft capsules. The aim of this study was to produce gelatin fromExpand