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The challenge of faecal sludge management in urban areas--strategies, regulations and treatment options.
In urban centres of industrialising countries, the majority of houses are served by on-site sanitation systems such as septic tanks and unsewered toilets. The faecal sludges (FS) collected from theseExpand
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Up-flow roughing filtration: Rehabilitation of a water treatment plant in Tarata, Bolivia
This paper presents the methodology used for the rehabilitation of the pretreatment stage in a water treatment plant for a village located in Bolivia which has 3500 inhabitants. The treatment plantExpand
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Arsenic in Argentina: Occurrence, human health, legislation and determination.
An overview about the presence of arsenic (As) in groundwaters of Argentina, made by a transdisciplinary group of experts is presented. Aspects on As occurrence, effects of As on human health,Expand
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Arsenic in Argentina: Technologies for arsenic removal from groundwater sources, investment costs and waste management practices.
An overview about the presence of arsenic (As) in groundwaters of Argentina, made by a transdisciplinary group of experts is presented. In this second part, the conventional and emerging technologiesExpand
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Simultaneous removal of arsenic and fluoride from groundwater by coagulation-adsorption with polyaluminum chloride.
The ArCIS-UNR® arsenic and fluoride removal system which consists of a coagulation-adsorption process with initial pH adjustment and two filtration stages (up-flow gravel roughing filtration andExpand
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Cotreatment of sewage and septage in waste stabilization ponds.
A one year study was carried out in a waste stabilization ponds system where septage and sewage are cotreated. The system consists of two septage ponds which operate alternately followed by two pondsExpand
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Remoción de arsénico (As) y fluoruros (F-) en aguas subterráneas mediante coagulación, adsorción y doble filtración
La presencia del Arsenico (As) en aguas destinadas a bebida ha ocasionado la diseminacion del Hidroarsenicismo Cronico Regional Endemico (HACRE), enfermedad que se manifiesta principalmente porExpand
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Treatment of wastewater transported by vacuum trucks
This paper presents the results obtained during the evaluation of a system of stabilization ponds in which exclusively liquids transported by vacuum trucks are treated. The liquids proceed from theExpand
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Transformation of an existing physicochemical plant for iron and manganese removal by the application of biological processes
A system for removing iron and manganese in groundwater, based on biofiltration technology, was developed at the Center of Sanitary Engineering of the National University of Rosario, Argentina. ThisExpand
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